Thursday, June 15, 2017


On Tuesday of this week, CANADA'S longest serving and most corrupt ever Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin announced she would be retiring early.

Our investigators report that she was asked to retire, instead of being outright fired, (this is the usual procedure in Canada) amid a corruption investigation being carried out by the RCMP that stems from the case of PEI fisherman / farmer Wilfred Doyle and his wife, Shelley Mosher, and the allegedly fraudulent looting of the fish boat and fishing licence to benefit friends and family of those certain JUDGES in the COURTS of PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND and includes  

Legal investigators have detected a clear pattern of corruption by Bev McLachlin in cases where judges and lawyers are alleged to have acted corruptly and the case of Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly Mosher is one of those cases.

Investigators have advised our editors that the police investigation has uncovered the network of crooked judges that includes Bev McLachlin.  

Bev McLachlin began her career as a judge in Canada in 1980 and she has been a major player in case after case of judicial corruption

As the first woman Chief Justice of Canada, Bev proved that women are equally as capable as men when it comes to corruption. 

Bev McLachlin was made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1988 by Brian Mulroney and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 by Brian Mulroney the same year that Brian Mulroney made Brian Smith ( shown in
photo in right with Bev) the Chairman of Canadian National Railways.

Smith had no railway experience but he did have  good credentials in the corrupt administration of public assets, and his directorship was believed to be a reward for services rendered when he was Attorney General of British Columbia where he was responsible for the conduct of the dirty lawyers at the BC Ministry of the Attorney General who were secretly and illegally giving a water export monopoly to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.  The key lawyers were Robert Edwards and Jack Ebbels and they both died by sudden heart 2007 and 2010  in what looked like  deliberate murders.... to cover up crimes. Robert Edwards was rewarded for his crookedness by Mulroney's successor Kim Campbell in February 1993 who appointed a judge in 1993.  Edwards was well known for his corruption on the bench. 

Click here to learn more about the Water War Crimes

Doyle and Mosher appealed their cases to the Supreme Court of Canada but were blocked by Chief Justice McLachlin.

Doyle and Mosher asked for a reconsideration but their motion was intercepted and blocked by the dirty Registrar Bilodeau who is a Freemason and who is part of the corrupt Freemason network operating in the courts.

Click here to read more about the dirty Freemason Registrar Roger Bilodeau

McLachlin is part of the criminal network of judges in Canada that protects dirty politicians and other criminals and first came to the Editors attention when she assisted in the cover up of the Water War Crimes - a massive scandal in British Columbia that included a number of crooks in Ottawa some of whom were part of the Brian Mulroney government.  

Click here to read more about the Water War Crimes    

Brian Mulroney has never been convicted of any crimes but there have been a number of questions about his conduct while he was Prime Minister and afterwards including the taking of $200,000 cash from German criminal, Karl Heintz Schrieber, that many believe was a bribe. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PEI case of Wilfred Doyle Linked to sudden retirement of RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson

The shake up at the highest levels of the RCMP is causing a commotion and it appears to be linked to the notorious tale of RCMP corruption in Prince Edward Island including RCMP turning a blind eye to corruption in the PEI court administration involving the pillaging of property owned by PEI  fisherman farmer Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly.

On Thursday, March 2 2017, it was announced that long serving Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP for British Columbia, Craig Callens, was retired and replaced by a native woman,  Brenda Butterworth-Carr

Click here to read full story

On Monday, March 6, 2017 it was announced that the RCMP Commissioner for the whole of frigging Canada, Bob Paulson, would be retiring effective June 1, 2017.

Click here to read story

Bob Paulson
This is BIG NEWS because the RCMP have been sitting on a number of BIG complaints involving British Columbia, in politics, in the civil service, in the legal profession, in the judiciary, in the court administration, and in the RCMP itself.

The shake down of the upper level of  RCMP management is absolutely necessary to RESTORE PUBLIC CONFIDENCE.

A few days later in the House of Commons,  the Canadian Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, established a Parliamentary precedent that send shivers up the yellow spines of the Judicial Mafia that has been operating in Canada for decades by openly calling a unanimous vote by all members of the House of Commons for the immediate removal of Alberta Justice Robin "Close your Legs" Camp.

Jody Wilson-Raybould
The comments of Ms. Wilson Raybould, who is native herself, are welcome breath of fresh air from the House of Commons where, for decades, members have turned a blind eye to judicial corruption and, with any good luck, the trend will continue and undeserving crooked judges across Canada will face parliamentary scrutiny for their manifest corruption.  Such scrutiny is long overdue.

The native or first nations community in Canada has first hand experience with racist, bigoted and corrupt pigs in both the prosecution service and judiciary and, in many parts of Canada, the jails are teeming with natives who were given lengthy jail terms for minor offences while in family courts paedophile judges regularly rip children from their parents to satisfy the lusts and greed of the child molesting perverts in the government run foster care business.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wildred Doyle and Shelly Mosher Ask Parliament to Exercise Its Power To Remove Corrupt Judges Under Section 71 of the Judges Act.

Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly Mosher know that under the Canadian Constitution,  parliament, that is the Senate and the House of Commons, have the power to remove any judge who is abusing his or her position of power.

This power is clearly set out in section 99 of the former British North America Act now known as the Constitution Act 1867 which established Canada as a nation.

 (1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, the judges of the superior courts shall hold office during good behaviour, but shall be removable by the Governor General on address of the Senate and House of Commons.

Subsection 2 is the mandatory retirement age.

(2) A judge of a superior court, whether appointed before or after the coming into force of this section, shall cease to hold office upon attaining the age of seventy-five years, or upon the coming into force of this section if at that time he has already attained that age.

These provisions of the Canadian Constitution distinguish Canada from the United States where most judges are elected.

In Canada, all judges are appointed by the elected representatives of the people and so all judges can be removed by the elected representatives of the people.  There is not one single elected judge in the whole of Canada.

Many years ago, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau`s father, Pierre Trudeau, parliament created the Canadian Judicial Council and conferred on that council the power to carry out investigations and recommend to the Governor General, Senate and House of Commons that a judge be removed. This was a legitimate development and was intended to have a body that was removed from politics review judicial conduct.

In fact, many genuine cases of judicial misconduct are handled quietly and without any public comment by the Council.

When a judge is notified that the Council has found certain facts that establish that he or she is guilty of some kind of misconduct that judge will often resign instead of facing an embarrassing investigation that may or may not be public. Once in a while a judge will fight the case but usually they go quietly.

The Canadian Government and the Judiciary prefers that the system operate this way so the public will not lose faith in its judicial administration.

Any member of the public has the right to make a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council and the Council may investigate that complaint.  The Council is not required to investigate any complaint by the public and often it does not.

Section 63 (2) of the Judges Act clearly states:

(2) The Council may investigate any complaint or allegation made in respect of a judge of a superior court.

So, when Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly Mosher witnessed the judges of the superior courts of Prince Edward Island bending and twisting the law to favour their family and friends they wrote the Canadian Judicial Council and asked for an investigation.

Naturally, the Canadian Judicial Council refused to investigate. 

Observers of the Canadian Judicial Council have noticed that the institution rarely carries out an proper investigation upon a complaint by an average citizen. 

In 99% of the cases filed, the Council refused to investigate.

The Council consists of the Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices of each province and so, if you are complaining about a Chief Justice and his cousin or his daughter, the Council is not going to investigate itself.

So, when Wilfred Doyle and his wife, Shelly Mosher, complained to the Canadian Judicial Council and under section 63 (2), as they are entitled to do, the Council, as expected, did nothing because chief justices do not investigate themselves. 

And so, Wildfred Doyle and his wife Shelly Mosher contacted the Minister of Justice in Ottawa, Jody Raybould Wilson and the Attorney General for Prince Edward Island who is also the Premier Wade McLaughlin and asked them to exercise their power under section 63 (1) of the Judges Act which permits an attorney general to make the request and in such a circumstance the Council must carry out the investigation just like it did when the  Attorney General of Ontario, Michael Bryant, demanded the Council investigate Justice Paul Cosgrove who had been appointed by the Liberal Party under Pierre Trudeau.

 (1) The Council shall, at the request of the Minister or the attorney general of a province, commence an inquiry as to whether a judge of a superior court should be removed from office for any of the reasons set out in paragraphs 65(2)(a) to (d).

As expected, neither Jody Raybould-Wilson nor Wade McLaughlin had the moral courage to exercise the power that they have under section 63 (1) of the Act.  Well, this may not be entirely true because it is probable that, in the case of Jody Raybould Wilson, Jody was never informed of the request because Department of Justice lawyers often deliberately keep the minister unaware of issues and the Department is so big that the Minister simply cannot know what is going on but, in the case of Wade, well..., Prince Edward Island is so small that the Premier and Attorney General usually read their own mail.   

However, when Parliament, under the guidance of the wiley Pierre Trudeau, enacted the Judges
Act Parliament made it abundantly clear that Parliament reserved for itself the ultimate power to fire crooked judges because Parliament and Pierre Trudeau clearly knew that, sooner or later, the Judges at the Judicial Council would refuse to investigate a real case of judicial corruption because they were too deeply involved themselves.

Section 71 of the Judges Act makes this abundantly clear:

 Nothing in, or done or omitted to be done under the authority of, any of sections 63 to 70 affects any power, right or duty of the House of Commons, the Senate or the Governor in Council in relation to the removal from office of a judge, a prothonotary of the Federal Court or any other person in relation to whom an inquiry may be conducted under any of those sections.

So, when Jody Raybould-Wilson and Wade McLaughlin refused to co-operate and exercise the power they have under the section 63 (1) of the Judges Act Wilfred Doyle and Shelly Mosher contacted  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jody Raybould-Wilson, Dominic Leblanc and House Speaker Geoff Regan and asked them to collectively act under under section 71.

Click here to read June 10, 2016 letter to Prime Minister Trudeau Jody Raybould-Wilson, Dominic Leblanc and House Speaker Geoff Regan

When Ministers in Canada take office Oath of Office they swear as follows:
I, (name), do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear (or declare) that I will truly and faithfully, and to the best of my skill and knowledge, execute the powers and trusts reposed in me as (office), so help me God.[9]
The prime minister's oath is slightly different:
I, (name), do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear (or declare) that I will truly and faithfully, and to the best of my skill and knowledge, execute the powers and trust reposed in me as Prime Minister of Canada. So help me God.[citation needed
So, time will tell whether or not Justin Trudeau, Jody Raybould Wilson and Dominic Leblanc will keep their Oath of Office and execute the "powers" and "trusts" reposed upon them by section 71 of the Judges Act and section 99(1) of the Constitution Act.

And God is watching ....
And so is the Devil, who keeps a watchful eye on the corrupt and wicked so he can roast them alive when the fire is hot.   


Monday, August 15, 2016

Justice Minister Threatens Atlantic Canada Over Judicial Corruption

Justice Minister Raybould-Wilson
Legal observers are reporting that corruption and case rigging at the Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court and Court of Queens Bench caused Canadian Justice Minister Jody Raybould Wilson to issue a veiled threat at the Atlantic region judicial and legal profession by suggesting the vacancy at the Supreme Court of Canada traditionally filled by a candidate from Atlantic Canada would be filled by an outsider.

Click here to read mainstream media new story.

The depth of judicial corruption in the Prince Edward  Island courts which consists of a handful of interrelated judges has been openly and widely published on this blog without any serious objection or challenge and without any serious investigation by any responsible official.

The story of judicial corruption encountered in New Brunswick is well known as a result of the Evelyn Greene story a sister blog edited by Joe Adam and his colleagues at Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs and the notorious murder of New Brunswick Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson on June 27, 2012 and the follow up suspected murder of New Brunswick Justice Edmund Blanchard two years later on June 27, 2014 - both deaths were caused by rapid onset cancer which is apparently a leading cause of sudden death among dirty members of the judiciary in Canada. 

Corrupt Justice McLachlin
In the meantime the most corrupt Chief Justice in Canada 's history is starting to deteriorate visibly as recent photos show.

Ms. McLachlin, the Chairperson of the corrupt Canadian Judicial Council, refused to investigate complaints of corruption by both Wilfred Doyle and Evelyn Greene and the murder of Justices Layden Stevenson and, probably the murder of Justice Edmund Blanchard can be traced directly to the cover up of judicial corruption in British Columbia where McLachlin was a judge ahd played a key role in many crooked decisions before being put on the Supreme Court of Canada by Brian Mulroney.

In 2000, McLachlin was also involved in dirty attempt to corrupt the Bloddy Sunday -Bogside Massacre - inquiry into the British army shooting of  26 unarmed Irish civilians that was taking place in Northern Ireland by sending the corrupt British Columbia Court of Appeal Justice, Bill Esson, to Ireland as an official back up judge for the inquiry something that backfired when news of Justice Esson 's corruption was sent  to the IRA by Canadian sympathizers.

Esson was quickly and quietly returned to Canada because he might have had a bullet put in his head given he played a big role in the British Columbia courts protecting paedophiles and was reputed to be a paedophile himself.

The depth of the corruption among the British Columbia judiciary and legal profession is unparalleled and goes back decades.  Some current developments are online at where the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, like the crooked judges in PEI, is refusing to investigate alleged crimes by a Freemason Master  Peter Keighley who is also a reported member of the Criminal Church of England noted for pedofilia and other crimes against humanity.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Is Hunter Tootoo talking about? What is an inapprorpiate relationship in Canada or is this Justy Trudeau's first cover up?

So, Hunter Tootoo is insisting he had an "inappropriate relationship" with a junior staffer. 

And PM "Justy" Trudeau, who paraded in the LGBT community parade last week agreed.

So, just what "da feck" is an 'inappropriate relationship' in the Canada.

The Charter guarantees "freedom of association"

If Mr. Tootoo and an unidentified younger woman wish to have sex together or otherwise associate with each other, why is that inappropriate?

Sooner or later , the truth will emerge as it always does...

But, in the meantime, how much are they paying someone to remain silent, who is she and is this all a ruse, a distraction, a cover up for the criminals in the courts of PEI?  

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Sexual Take Down of Former Department of Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo

Who was the real victim?
 Sex in high places.

The truth is now emerging in Ottawa.

Insiders are reporting that former newly appointed Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo, who was investigating the corruption in his Department where Wilfred Doyle`s fishing licence was stolen from him by Department of Fisheries Officials who were corruptly to benefitting their crooked friends and relatives on Prince Edward Island, was the victim of a sexual take down.

The real story is emerging but all the facts are is still hidden behind veils of official secrecy and the identity of the faceless woman who lured Hunter Tootoo to his down fall is carefully guarded by the criminal gangs that operate behind the inner circles of power in Ottawa.
Click here to read CBC story about sex and former Fisheries Minister Tootoo

The sex- trap is an ancient tactic that is often used by criminals in high places to take down individuals who are uncovering injustice and rooting out the criminals that inhabit high office.

Was Hunter Tootoo Victim of A Sex Trap?
Several years ago, a sex trap was effectively used by the politically connected law firm Heenan Blaikie when it sent a pretty young  lawyer  to have a sexual relationship  with  Victoria Chief of Police Paul Battershill who was investigating national corruption connected to the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General in Victoria that led directly back to former BC Attorney General Geoff Plant and former Prime Minister Jean Chreiten who were both partners at Heenan Blakie. 

Heenan Blaikie was dissolved a few years later when the RCMP were preparing to bring corruption charges against it, for among other things, paying bribes to foreign officials. Law firms have trouble appearing in court when they are also charged with crimes in another court. The crafty lawyers at Heenan Blaikie avoided the problem by a legal trick - dissolve the law firm.  

Chief Battershill, who was married at the time, admitted to the press that he had had an affair and resigned. The lawyer denied it was an affair, which means it was business, legal business. The local Law Society gave her a pat on the back.

Click here to read more about the sexual take down of Victoria City Chief of Police Paul Battershill.

Premier Wade
According to Wilfred Doyle, PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade McLauchlin is continuing to refuse his request for a full investigation of the criminals in the PEI court system who abused the court processes and assisted their family and friends to loot private property and enrich their mafia.

On his return to Ottawa Hunter Tootoo is acting like a gentleman and refusing to identify the faceless victim that the media describes a "a female junior staff member " well...come on folks... we are not talking about an eight year old... or even a 15 year old...., the faceless female in question is obviously politically wise, she is in a political office and she is certainly over 20, maybe over 30 but, certainly, wise to the ways of the world. She may have been a lawyer.

There are literally armies of women like her in high political offices throughout Canada and, let's be fair, some of them are part of the criminal organization that lurks inside government and others are clean.

There is more to this story...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Did Corruption at the Department of Fisheries Cause Prime Minister Trudeau To Remove to the Deputy Minister ?

Trudeau Knocks Them Out

It does appear that Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly are having an effect upon the ruling elites of Canada because not only did Prime Minister Trudeau remove his  Minister of Fisheries Hunter Tootoo, a few weeks ago, but, today, he announced that the Assistant Deputy Minister would be replaced also. Only a few weeks ago, March 8, 2016, to be  exact that he announced that the Deputy Minister of Fisheries Matthew King was fired or "retiring" to use the polite word. So, there is a big clean up at the Department of Fisheries.


11:46 AM (4 hours ago)
From the Prime Minister's Web Site (

The Prime Minister announces changes in the senior ranks of the Public Service

June 14, 2016 Ottawa, Ontario

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the following changes in the senior ranks of the Public Service:

Leslie MacLean, currently Associate Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, becomes Senior Associate Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development and Chief Operating Officer for Service Canada, effective July 4, 2016.

Kevin Stringer, currently Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Ecosystems and Fisheries Management, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, becomes Associate Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, effective July 4, 2016.

The difficult issue for Trudeau is how does he fix the family compact that is entrenched in the Prince Edward Island court system that Wilfred Doyle claims is fixing cases against him to benefit friends and family.

Trudeau, who is not a lawyer, faces some real challenges on this issue because the legal profession and judiciary have been relatively untouchable in Canada since the country was born in 1867.

An analysis of the biography of Leslie MacLean, who was removed from her job and that was  published on the Prime Minister's web site, shows that Leslie graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a degree in English literature and her first job after university was with the Veterans Appeal Board which is also located in Prince Edward Island suggesting that Leslie may have been improperly influenced by the family compact that Wilfred Doyle and his wife have been battling for over 5 long years.  

Leslie's replacement Mr. Stringer does not appear to be deeply connected to Prince Edward Island.

CLICK HERE TO READ JUNE 10 2014 LETTER BY WILFRED AND SHELLY DOYLE TO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU JUSTICE MINISTER JODY WILSON RAYBOULD NEW FISHERIES MINISTER DOMINIC LEBLANC AND SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE GEOFF REGAN also included is the Canadian Judicial Council refusal to investigate the corruption and the questionable decision of Justices Jenkins Murphy and Mitchell of the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal

Lieutenant Governor's Palace -PEI
Readers should understand that Prince Edward Island has a population of 140,000 people and could be well governed by an elected council of five to seven persons like many small cities in North America but due to historic anomalies, graft and corruption in Canada, it has a Lieutenant Governor, who lives in a palace replete with servants, five staff members that serve the lieutenant-governor, including two administrative workers, two housekeepers and a chef.  According to the CBC the total cost to the taxpayers of this mansion living fat cat and his servants was $650,000 in 2015.

The island also has a legislature of 27 members who earn about $70,000 per year each, cabinet members are paid more.

The Island is also home to a cozy coddled court bureaucracy that includes 2 chief justices with a salary of $315,000 per year and six other federally appointed justices with  salaries of $288,000 per year.

See Judges Act section 18

There is also a Provincial Court with three Provincial Court judges paid a similarly high  salary.

It is difficult to find out the real average income of non government workers in PEI because the political and government people, of which there a disproportionate number in PEI, are living on generous federal government handouts which skews the statistics. 

While the rich get richer on PEI it is increasingly obvious that the poor are getting poorer and their ranks are growing which could lead to rioting on the streets and other forms of social anarchy. 

Taxation rates are punitive, regressive and hit the working man or  woman hardest.

The MacKillop Centre for Social Justice and the Coalition for a Poverty Eradication Strategy for P.E.I., found 17.5 per cent of children on the Island living in poverty in 2012, compared to 13.8 per cent in 1989.

Click here  to CBC storey on child poverty on PEI

Social assistance — there haven’t been increases of any significance for a very long time — we’ve had taxes that haven’t been fair and low-income people have paid more than their fair share,”

“We have a high unemployment rate, we have a low weekly wage rate compared to the rest of Canada, and we have no serious commitment from our government to enact a poverty eradication strategy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Did the Corruption in the Department of Fisheries and PEI Courts Make Minister Tootoo drink too much?

Hunter Tootoo
Sometimes a man is driven to drink by circumstances.

Insiders are reporting that when Minister Tootoo was confounded by the liars and cheaters in inside the Department of Fisheries and the crooks in the PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND courts he would sometimes pour himself a drink or two.

Well, ... we all know that having a drink or two can be a slippery slope and, yesterday, it was announced that the Hunter Tootoo, the federal Minister of the Department of Fisheries was taking a leave of absence to sober up.

Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly are sympathetic with Minister Tootoo because they know exactly how he felt dealing with the whole pack of lying, cheating, self-serving, double dealing civil servants who have forgotten why they have their high paid civil service jobs which is to SERVE THE  PUBLIC and not themselves and their family members at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers in this country.

Click here to read story about Tootoo resignation

Dominic Leblanc
Prime Minister Trudeau has appointed Dominic LeBlanc to replace Hunter Tootoo

Dominic is the son of Romeo LeBlanc who, once upon a time, was Governor General for Canada and who was a major team player in the cabinet of Justin's dad, Pierre Trudeau. Dominic is a lawyer by training so he should be able to read the Fisheries Act and see through the b--- s--- of the lying cheating civil servants in the Department of Fisheries and the mischieviously malicious miscreants on the bench in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.

Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly wish Dominic well because he is surrounded by snakes and vipers.

The Editors also wish Dominic well and hope he is able to unravel some of the mystery that has led to the murder of several Canadian judges who were part of the cover up of the Water War Crimes where according to Justice Peter Leask of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm and his cabinet were major players.

Click here to read judgment of Justice Leask

Canadian Chief Justice McLachlin who should have investigated the corruption in the PEI courts was compromised because she has been part of the cover up of the Water War Crimes from the very first day of her appointment in February 2001.

Click here to read about the lying cheating Canadian Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and the Water War Crimes

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Attorney General of Prince Edward Island Refuses to Request Inquiry Into Nepotism On the Bench In PEI

H. Wade MacLauchlan
The Premier and Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Safety and Minister of the Attorney General of Prince Edward Island, the Honourable H. Wade MacLauchlan (shown in photo on right)  has has refused the reasonable request by Mr. Doyle and his wife, Shelly, that he, the Premier and Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Safety and Minister of the Attorney General of Prince Edward Island all combined into one person like four persons all in one holy quaternity, write the Canadian Judicial Council and request that the Canadian Judicial Council carry out an inquest into the disturbing tale of Wilfred Doyle and his peculiar contest in the courts of Prince Edward Island where judges and court officers appear to be engaged in a form of case fixing to protect and benefit certain people who are their relatives or next of kin, both the in-law and outlaw kind of kin, and who were involved in the alleged wrongful seizure and sale of Mr. Doyle and his wife's registered fishing vessel and fishing licence.

A strange story, indeed, that resulted in bizarre harassment charges against Mr. Doyle when he persistently reported corruption in the courts and legal community to Commissioner Paulson of the RCMP who is now dealing with sexual assault charges against another of his royal, red-coated, mounties in British Columbia where sexual assault is almost as common as common assault causing some legal scholars to suggest that sexual assault is so common that is should be regarded as common assault - at least in British Columbia where cannabis is consumed openly on the streets and the halls of the legislature and many municipal councils.

The following is a copy of the letter sent on behalf of Premier and Minister MacLauchlin.

Page 2 Below

Thursday, April 28, 2016

UPDATE : The Peculiar Case Of Wilfred Doyle, the RCMP and the PEI Courts Continues

Wilfred Doyle has advised our editors that he was acquitted on Monday of some charges and convicted of others.
Basically, he was acquitted of threatening and harassing the RCMP when he repeatedly requested then do their duty and investigate corruption in the local courts but he was convicted of breaching his undertaking to the court not to contact the RCMP any longer about the corruption behind his case as a condition of his bail which he says in not valid because it was made under duress which is usually a valid defence to a claim for breach of contract. 
We will be posting more on this later .....

Wilfred Doyle remains convinced that he is right and those against him are wrong and the acquittal proves that he was, in part, RIGHT and his accusers were wrong and unable to prove their charge against him.

In the meantime we request that any reader who has any information or evidence corroborating the allegation that Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered in June 2012 or that the suicide / murder of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel in July 2015 was related please contact the Editors at

The information would be useful to assist a gentleman who is under attack by the Law Society of British Columbia because he has been assisting self represented litigants resist the legal and judicial mob in that province.
Click here to read More about the Law Society Cover Up Lawsuit in British Columbia
one of the cases involves a
scheme where a law firm fabricated misleading evidence in order to steal a property at less than
50% of value and pocket $1 million
Click here about the scheme to Steal Pastula Farm
Pastula Farm 
another case involves that domestic terrorism carried out by agents of the British Columbia Government in order to steal Pacific Rim Resort from John English and his family for 25 % of value which appraisers said was worth $60 million.
Click here to read about the domestic terrorism used by agents of the British Columbia Government against the English family of Vancouver Island

Pacific Rim Resort Waterfront Beach
The existence of legal and judicial mobs is a national problem in Canada that Governments and the Courts seem to be completely unable to deal for a complex number of reasons including public confidence in the courts, the police and the political administration.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Will PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade MacLaughlan protect the rIghts of a citizen Doyle to a trial before an independent judiciary?

Fed up with stalling and stonewalling by the Canadian Judicial Council and federal Minister of Justice, Jody Raybould-Wilson, and facing a criminal trial in front of a hostile judge who has been biased against him in the past, Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly have written directly to PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade MacLauchan requesting that he invoke his power under section 63 (1) and 65 (2) (b) (c) and (d) the Judges Act and request an investigation by the Canadian Judicial Council into the conduct of the judges of the Supreme Court of PEI and the Court of Appeal of PEI who were on the cases involving him and members of the judges families and previous law firms.

 Doyle alleges the judges acted improperly by sitting on cases where they had a conflict of interest and he fears they are set to railroad him again because they are protecting their families and law partners.

Click here to read the letter to Premier Wade

According to his online biography Premier Wade is a smart guy who knows a lot of law.

"Prior to entering provincial politics, Wade served as the University of Prince Edward Island President from 1999 to 2011. During that time, UPEI rose in stature regionally and nationally, made dramatic strides in research and development, and placed enhanced emphasis on community engagement.

Previously, he was Dean of Law at the University of New Brunswick and a professor of law at Dalhousie University."

There is legal precedent for such an inquiry because in 2003 Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant filed a complaint against Ontario Justice Paul Cosgrove, calling him unfit to be a judge, and accusing him of sullying reputations and of having "vilified the state". 

Doyle thinks that the judges have been rigging cases against him in order to protect family members and law partners by doing so they have "vilified the state" by bringing the administration of justice into disrepute.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Justin Trudeau Replaces Deputy Ministers Responsible For Alleged Misconduct In The Wilfred Doyle Story

Prime Minister Justin
PEI farmer and fisherman, Wilfred Doyle, is beginning to think newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be a far better Prime Minister than the media is telling us because two weeks ago, Justin Trudeau replaced the Deputy Ministers responsible for some of the problems he encountered with what he claims was the illegal seizure and sale of his fish boat contrary to the Fisheries Act and the Canada Shipping Act and the local mafia operating inside the PEI legal system. (Details of Deputy Ministers replaced are set out at bottom of page with links to sources).

It is a truism of the Canadian political structure that the various Ministries in government are run by the Deputy Ministers and the Assistant Deputy Ministers and that, for the most part, the Ministers are puppets.

This is a fact.

Legally, Deputy Ministers can exercise all of powers of the Minister.  So, if you cannot persuade the Minister or Prime Minister in Canada to do your bidding there is always the Deputy Minister who can be persuaded by bribes or otherwise to do your dirty work for you.

Commissioner Bob 
For example, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson is in charge of the RCMP.  So, when local RCMP officers were afraid to investigate corruption at the courthouse in PEI, Wilfred Doyle and his wife started complaining to Commissioner Bob that the local officers were refusing to do their job.  The problem for Commissioner Bob is that, although he is in charge of the RCMP, he must follow the direction of the Minister of Public Safety and in legal speak that means the Deputy Minister.  This is all plainly set out in the RCMP Act.  

So, if Commissioner Bob decided to investigate the corruption in the courthouse and judiciary in PEI and the Deputy Minister told him not to, then Commissioner Bob would have to follow orders, drop tools and stop the investigation.

That is the law and that is the way governments work in Canada and pretty much throughout the world.

Minister Ralph 
So, when Prime Minister Trudeau replaced the Deputy Minister in charge of the RCMP, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Deputy Minister of Transport, Wilfred Doyle thought that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for law and order in Canada and, maybe, the new Deputy Minister will direct Commissioner Bob to do his job.  Of course, not all credit for should go to Justin Trudeau because the Minister in charge of Public Safety is a fellow named Ralph Goodale who has a reputation for being a capable and honest straight shooter and, during all of the scandals that surrounded the governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, Ralph Goodale emerged untainted and it is entirely possible that Ralph Goodale said to Prime Minister Trudeau, "Well, Justy, I think I need to fire my Deputy because he has been blocking Commissioner Bob from doing his job properly".

However, time will tell. It may well be that Minister Ralph and Prime Minister Justin are getting ready to fire Commissioner Bob and they need a new Deputy Minister in place before they it.

Minister Hunter
All of the same comments about Deputy Ministers being replaced apply to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Hunter Tootoo, from Rankin Inlet, and Canada's famous astronaut politician, Marc Garneau, who is Canada's Minister of Transport both  of whom saw their Deputy Ministers replaced in early March, 2016.  Both Minister Marc, elected in 2008, and Minister Hunter, elected in 2015, are also unscathed by any association with previous Liberal Party regimes.

We are also expecting the Deputy Minister of Justice will be replaced soon. The Department of Justice has been a centre of organized crime in Canada for several decades and the current Deputy Minister William Pentney has been part of a major cover up of crimes committed by lawyers and judges in Canada.

Pentney was appointed on November 5, 2012,  "Guy Fawkes Day", by former Prime Minister Harper to replace Deputy Minister of Justice, Miles Kervan who had to be fired due to his role in the illegal strategy Department of Justice lawyers in Federal Court lawsuit T-95-08 and Federal Court of Appeal case A-343-10 that led to the murder of Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson in June, 2012, and the suicide suspected murder of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel in July, 2012 and a whole lot of other bad stuff that is reported on the Water War Crimes Web site  and not yet reported by the Canadian mainstream media.
Minister Marc
adopted by

On March 2 2016, Malcolm Brown, currently Special Advisor to the Clerk of the Privy Council on the Syrian Refugee Initiative, became Deputy Minister of Public Safety (RCMP), effective April 4, 2016. - See more at:

On March 8, 2016, Catherine Blewett, currently Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet, Government of Nova Scotia, became Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, effective June 20, 2016. - See more at:

On March 2, 2016, Michael Keenan, currently Associate Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, became Deputy Minister of Transport, effective March 14, 2016. - See more at: 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ralph Goodale Accuses RCMP Commissioner Paulson Of Incompetence

RCMP Commissioner Paulson
Bob Paulson, the Commissioner of the RCMP, has a problem with SEX, unwanted sexual touching, bullying and rampant nudity in the workplace. (Some RCMP officers are obviously sex crazed and they may be on cocaine because the kind of conduct complained of is consistent with cocaine use).

The problem is so bad that Ralph Goodale, the Minister of Public Safety, announced on Friday that Commissioner Paulson was going to be fired.

Well... Goodale didn't actually come out and say the word "fired" but he used other words like "...Canadians will not tolerate any half measures in the response here," ....  "It's an embarrassment" .... "this kind of conduct and behaviour is simply unacceptable in the most absolute of terms and it's got to stop" .... "my outrage at this situation".

These phrases and words are clearly preparing the Canadian public for a change at RCMP headquarters.

Click here to read more about SEX in the Mounties

But there is more going one behind this story than just sex.

Sexual harassment within the RCMP is what is getting the headlines but sexual harassment is only a symptom of a much deeper malaise within the RCMP.

In 2012, the Commissioner Paulson was provided with video tape evidence by Mr. Lonie Lundred of Quesnel, British Columbia, that RCMP officers may have been involved in the disappearance of one or murder victims on the Highway of Tears.  To the best of our knowledge, no one from the RCMP contacted Mr. Lundred to review or investigate his evidence.

In our opinion, Commissioner Paulson should be removed from his job for failing to follow up this significant lead in a multiple-murder investigation. 
Similarly there is the shocking case of the killing of Ian Bush that took place at the hands of an RCMP officer in the same geographic area where Mr. Lundred witnessed the RCMP officers in their nefarious activities and the notorious Highway of Tears.

Mr. Bush, a completely innocent young man, was shot in the back of the head at close range by an RCMP officer in Burns Lake and the same officer, to our knowledge, remains on "the force" which demonstrates that Commissioner Paulson is content that we may have a cold blooded murderer on our national police force.  The officer in question should have been charged with murder and the case should have gone to court for trial, instead it was fixed "behind closed doors" and the public and the family of the victim were denied the knowledge of what really happened and a fair trial.    
As the readers may be aware, some criminal gangs require prospective members to kill an innocent person as a rite of passage and this may be part of what went on in the case Mr. Bush and many of the murdered and missing native women.  Many observers reasonably suspect there is a criminal gang operating inside the RCMP and Mr. Paulson lacks the courage to deal with that gang.
The RCMP have also failed to investigate and bring to justice the gangsters responsible for the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and probably Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel and the other crimes referred to on the Water War Crimes web site Mr. Paulson was warned that more deaths were coming, he ignored the evidence and more deaths took place including an innocent judge.
In addition, the RCMP, under Mr. Paulson`s leadership, have failed to investigate the instances domestic terrorism, arson, attempted murder, and obstruction of justice carried out in British Columbia against the English family and their resort property near Tofino - details of these crimes are notorious and are published at

Then there is the whole story of the multiple murders in Vancouverr that took place at the Picton Pig
Farm that is back in the news with the release by accused and convicted killer, Willy Picton, of his book in which he claims he was set up by the RCMP.  

According to a reliable source:

 “Pickton was the straw man set up for everyone to gawk at and hate while the real killers got away. The arrangement was vast and orchestrated from the very top”. – Grant Wakefield, former CSIS agent and undercover operative at the “Piggy’s Palace” killing site,  August 4, 2011
“It’s not just our women who are going missing. Whole families are disappearing, starting with the children.  Our northern communities are being wiped out for their land by big corporations and their hired RCMP thugs. It's the residential school genocide taken to its next step.” – Carol Martin, Vancouver, September 12, 2008
The same reliable source advises that:
1. Policemen, crown prosecutors and politicians were all present at Piggy Palace parties where women were tortured and killed, ... ;
2. At least three other body dumping sites have been identified in Vancouver where Dave Pickton was seen depositing human remains: sites that both the police and media refuse to investigate ... ;

The Editors don't have any personal agenda against Mr. Paulson but he has obviously failed on some significant files as head of Canada's national police force and in our opinion it is time for him to step aside and allow someone with the appropriate qualifications to do the job.