Monday, February 11, 2013

Family and Friends Help Each Other Inside the Just Us System in Prince Edward Island

Thomas A. Matheson, Q.C., is the husband of the Jaqueline Matheson, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island and it was Thomas Matheson who was one of the lawyers that Mr. Doyle alleges was negligent, in the McAleer case, that was presided over by Justice Benjamin B. Taylor and that led to Mr. Doyles difficulties with the legal and judicial system.

It is suspected that Justice Benjamin Taylor made his questionable ruling against Mr. Doyle, the MacLeer case, because to do otherwise would have involved making a finding against, Thomas Matheson, while his own dauthter, Cynthia Taylor, was an associate of Mr. Mateson at the law firm of Matheson & Murrary.

What the reader needs to know is that the Chief Justice Jaqueline Matheson is in charge of the administration of the court and it is reasonable to presume that Chief Justice Matheson, the wife of Thomas Matheson, assigned Justice Benjamin Taylor to the case because Taylor's daughter has a job at Matheson & Murray and Justice Benjamin Taylor could be replied on to make a finding in favour of Matheson & Murray, the law firm where his daughter was an associate and might soon be a partner.

Cynthia Tayor 
So, Justice Benjamin Taylor was in a conflict of interest because if Matheson had been found responsible for the loss, his daughter, Cynthia could lose her job and Mrs. Matheson, Jackie, the Chief Justice might be angry at him because she would miss her annual winter holiday on the beach in Florida if her husband had to pay the loss to Mr. Doyle.

Justice John K. Mitchell made a decision in the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island and granted the law firm of Matheson and Murray a judgment for $18,000 in legal fees as a result of a motion to dismiss Mr. Doyle's case against the Prince Edward Island Lending Agency represented by Matheson and Murray.

After being granted the $18,000 judgment against Mr. Doyle,  Matheson and Murray went to Doyle's farm with the local Sheriffs, on July 13th, 2012, and seized a quarter of a million dollars worth of farming and fishing assets and sold them for approximately $9,500.

Austin McQuaids Trucking hauled the assets from Mr. Doyle's property.  Austin McQuaid is a brother to Justice John McQuaid of the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal.

Justice John McQuaid was the son of Justice Melvin McQuaid and Melvin McQuaid was brother to Justice Charles McQauid who issued the Certificate of Title to Richard Doyle in 1978 a certificate that was suddenly found to be defective in 2011.

Justice Wayne Cheverie, of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island, refused to remove Matheson & Murray for acting in a conflict of interest.

And, Justice Gordon Campbell of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward  Island would not permit Mr. Doyle to amend his statement of statement of claim to include Thomas A. Matheson Q.C. as a party to the action.

From Mr. Doyle's point of view, the whole process was nothing more than a group of interrelated families using their friends and family at the court to protect themselves.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prince Edward Island Courts Accused of Nepotism and Racketeering

When Wilfred Doyle found himself surrounded on the beaches of Prince Edward Island by an unholy alliance of interrelated judges and lawyers from the tight knit, clannish, legal and judicial community in that province he complained to the Canadian Judicial Council in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. 

Canada's Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
At the time, the Chairperson of the Canadian Judicial Council was and still remains a notorious woman named Beverley McLachlin, who is also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and who is also  believed by too many to be the most crooked and most corrupt Chief Justice that Canada has ever had.  Under the direction of Chief Justice McLachlin, the Canadian Judicial Council regularly turns a blind eye to documented cases of improper conduct by judges in all parts of Canada.

So, when the Canadian Judicial Council refused to investigate the complaints of bais and benefit passing by judges, who were related by blood or marriage to the lawyers he was suing, Wilfred Doyle became another frauduelnt statistic published by the Canadian Judicial Council that has consistently failed to carry out its mandate.

And, when Wilfred Doyle brought his application for leave to appeal from the incestuous court system of Prince Edward Island to the Supreme Court of Canada, he was shocked that Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin would sit on the three person panel reviewing his application for leave to appeal. 

Naturally, McLachlin protected the judges Wilfred Doyle had complained about to the Canadian Judicial Council and denied him his application for leave to appeal.  Doyle figured McLachlin had a conflict of interest and he was right because some of those judges were members of the Canadian Jusicial Council that consists of all of the Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices in Canada including the Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices of the Prince Edwaard Island Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

So, Doyle looked at the rules of procedure of the Supreme Court of Canada, found a remedy and filed a Motion for Reconsideration because in Doyle's opinion Chief Justice McLachlin was in a conflict of interest and should not have been on the case in the first place.

But Doyle's Motion for Reconsideration was not considered because the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada, Mr. Roger Bilodeau, and withou any jurisdiciton refused to permit the clerical staff at the court to do their jobs and returned the Motion for Reconsideration directly to Mr. Doyle without permitting the court to review it. 

In the Editors opinion Mr. Bilodeau's treatment of Mr. Doyle was unfair, unjust, and illegal, but it was consistent with his character and treatment of other cases and a blog has been set up dedicated solely to the corruption of Roger Bilodeau.

Click here to go to Roger Bilodeau Blog and read about the other people Mr. Bilodeau has deliberately harmed.

This is one of the ways that justice is denied in Canada and it makes a mockery and laughing stock out of Chief Justice Beverly Mclachlin because she regularly makes pathetic speeches in Canada and abroad declaring how important access to justice is and how she believes in access to justice but, at the same time, she presides over a system of justice where her staff are directed to use dirtry tricks to deny access to justice for litigants with meritorious cases especially those without legal counsel.