Thursday, April 28, 2016

UPDATE : The Peculiar Case Of Wilfred Doyle, the RCMP and the PEI Courts Continues

Wilfred Doyle has advised our editors that he was acquitted on Monday of some charges and convicted of others.
Basically, he was acquitted of threatening and harassing the RCMP when he repeatedly requested then do their duty and investigate corruption in the local courts but he was convicted of breaching his undertaking to the court not to contact the RCMP any longer about the corruption behind his case as a condition of his bail which he says in not valid because it was made under duress which is usually a valid defence to a claim for breach of contract. 
We will be posting more on this later .....

Wilfred Doyle remains convinced that he is right and those against him are wrong and the acquittal proves that he was, in part, RIGHT and his accusers were wrong and unable to prove their charge against him.

In the meantime we request that any reader who has any information or evidence corroborating the allegation that Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered in June 2012 or that the suicide / murder of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel in July 2015 was related please contact the Editors at

The information would be useful to assist a gentleman who is under attack by the Law Society of British Columbia because he has been assisting self represented litigants resist the legal and judicial mob in that province.
Click here to read More about the Law Society Cover Up Lawsuit in British Columbia
one of the cases involves a
scheme where a law firm fabricated misleading evidence in order to steal a property at less than
50% of value and pocket $1 million
Click here about the scheme to Steal Pastula Farm
Pastula Farm 
another case involves that domestic terrorism carried out by agents of the British Columbia Government in order to steal Pacific Rim Resort from John English and his family for 25 % of value which appraisers said was worth $60 million.
Click here to read about the domestic terrorism used by agents of the British Columbia Government against the English family of Vancouver Island

Pacific Rim Resort Waterfront Beach
The existence of legal and judicial mobs is a national problem in Canada that Governments and the Courts seem to be completely unable to deal for a complex number of reasons including public confidence in the courts, the police and the political administration.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Will PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade MacLaughlan protect the rIghts of a citizen Doyle to a trial before an independent judiciary?

Fed up with stalling and stonewalling by the Canadian Judicial Council and federal Minister of Justice, Jody Raybould-Wilson, and facing a criminal trial in front of a hostile judge who has been biased against him in the past, Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly have written directly to PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade MacLauchan requesting that he invoke his power under section 63 (1) and 65 (2) (b) (c) and (d) the Judges Act and request an investigation by the Canadian Judicial Council into the conduct of the judges of the Supreme Court of PEI and the Court of Appeal of PEI who were on the cases involving him and members of the judges families and previous law firms.

 Doyle alleges the judges acted improperly by sitting on cases where they had a conflict of interest and he fears they are set to railroad him again because they are protecting their families and law partners.

Click here to read the letter to Premier Wade

According to his online biography Premier Wade is a smart guy who knows a lot of law.

"Prior to entering provincial politics, Wade served as the University of Prince Edward Island President from 1999 to 2011. During that time, UPEI rose in stature regionally and nationally, made dramatic strides in research and development, and placed enhanced emphasis on community engagement.

Previously, he was Dean of Law at the University of New Brunswick and a professor of law at Dalhousie University."

There is legal precedent for such an inquiry because in 2003 Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant filed a complaint against Ontario Justice Paul Cosgrove, calling him unfit to be a judge, and accusing him of sullying reputations and of having "vilified the state". 

Doyle thinks that the judges have been rigging cases against him in order to protect family members and law partners by doing so they have "vilified the state" by bringing the administration of justice into disrepute.