Friday, November 13, 2015

The Law Is Well Settled,

Forensic specialists looking into the Wilfred Doyle case state that the root of the problem is that Royal Bank of Canada acted illegally when it seized and sold a registered vessel under the terms of its Security Agreement, also known as a chattel mortgage, because the legal authorities hold that a security instrument, like the security agreement held by the Royal Bank of Canada, is merely an "equitable charge" upon the vessel or ship.  

"However, the law is well settled that a security instrument which is not in the statutory form and is therefore not registerable as a "mortgage" under the Canada Shipping Act can only rank as an equitable charge upon the ship. (12 Hals. (4th) 98, para. 134; Imperial Timber & Trading Co. v. Henderson (1908), 14 B.C.R. 216).
According to a legal dictionary:

"Equitable charge refers to a security interest in property granted by a debtor. Equitable charges are similar to mortgage interests, and may be enforced by court order for sale. It does not grant ownership or possession to a creditor but gives him or her the right to the judicial process for recovery of the loan amount in case of non-payment."

According to legal scholars, in Canada, the "judicial process" means having the case heard by a judge not a court clerk, registrar or prothonotary like the Prothonotary Thompson  who granted the Brain Tumour Order referred to in the posting made on November 1, 2015 (see below).


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The tale of Wilfred Doyle and the corruption in Prince Edward Island that stretches back to RCMP Commissioner Paulson in Ottawa, and his new wife, Erin O'Gorman, at Transport Canada, in Ottawa, is getting stranger and may soon cost RCMP Commissioner Paulson and his wife, Erin O'Gorman, their high paid civil service jobs.

According to Doyle:

"On November 29th 2012 the prothonotary of the PEI Supreme Court Court, Charles Thompson, made a fraudulent  order that went to Transport Canada to transfer the title to our fishing boat. We notified Transport Canada several times that there was corruption going on at the courthouse but Transport Canada never responded or investigated it.

"Now we learn RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulsons wife, Erin O'Gorman, is the head of investigations at Transport Canada".

"We do know that the RCMP, here on PEI, went to talk to, Charles Thompson, at the court house, (after we filed a complaint that he acted corruptly), and lord behold he took a brain tumor on the same day, and now he's not prothonotary anymore. It's amazing how they weasel out of the crimes they commit."

A copy of the order that "allegedly" caused the brain tumour in Prothonotary Thompson, also known as the Brain Tumour Order, when the RCMP officers showed up at the court house to question about Charles Thompson about the order, is set out below.

Page One of Prothonotary Thompson's Brain Tumour Order"

Tompson's Brain Tumour Order Page1
Page two of Prothonotary Thompson's Brain Tumour Order

Thompson's Brain Tumour Order Page 2

Justice Taylor
According to Doyle, "it was a lawyer John Hennessey and Kersti Kass who went to the court representing RBC under false pretense with the statement of claim after they learned Charles Thompson was being investigated. And Justice Taylor was well aware that they were committing fraud. Because it states in the statement of claim that they had sold the boat for $26,000.00 before legal action was commenced. Kersti Kass resigned from the PEI Law Society not long after this took place. Any common person knows that you have to go to the court before someone can seize something on you".

According to Doyle who could not find a lawyer in PEI to represent him against the legal and judicial mafia in that Province, "... the, lawyer, Eugene J. Mockler Q.C., from Fredericton, New Brunswick, that was involved in Dugas v. Price Waterhouse Coopers Inc. and Gaudet case, was the same lawyer that helped us put the application together for the Supreme Court of Canada. He was representing a seafood company at the time when I met him. At the time Eugene Mockler;s opinion was the same that they did not have the legal right to sell our license, because the fisheries act clearly states that a fishing license cannot be bartered for money. What happens when a fisherman sells out his gear he transfers the license with the gear. Which in one way does add value to the gear, but technically the license is not sold for money".

The application by Wilfred Doyle and his wife to the Supreme Court of Canada was, in part, blocked by the Freemason Registrar Roger Bilodeau. Bilodeau has developed a nation wide reputation for corrupt practices especially in cases involving self represented litigants like Wilfred Doyle and his wife  who were seeking relief from the illegal conduct of the Prince Edward Island legal and judicial mafia. 

Unfortunately,  the Canadian courts are now highly infected by Freemasons who operate under their own laws and who regularly screw over non-Freemasons.

Canada's Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin, is deeply connected to the Freemason mob in Vancouver and regularly fixes cases to benefit the that criminal organization.

Click her to read more about Roger the Registrar
Editors Note:  The facts and opinions, excepting those concerning Freemasonry, published on this post are those of Wilfred Doyle. At this time the Editors have no evidence Erin O'Gorman was directly or indirectly involved in the Wilfred Doyle case but the trail does appear to lead to her door step which is now also the home of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.   The opinions about Freemasonry are those of the Editors and have been independently verified in other cases.