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Prime Minister Trudeau and his colleagues asked to remedy corruption by Prince Edward Island Legal and Judicial Mafia

When Wilfred Doyle got the run around by the RCMP on PEI and by RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and his gang in Ottawa and having had no success with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper (whose wife was allegedly in a gay love triangle with an RCMP officer) and his gang, his wife, Shelly, decided to seek the help of newly elected Prime Minister Justin TrudeauMinister of Justice Jody Wilson - Reybould, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo.

The reader should note that Wilfred has to be careful about who he writes so Shelly wrote the letter for him because he is facing criminal charges for reporting to the RCMP what he believes to be crimes and the RCMP regard his conduct as criminal harassment, ha, ha, ha, ha, lol. 

The following is a copy of page one of Shelly Mosher's (Wilfred wife) letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Justice Jody Wilson - Reybould, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo.

The following is a copy of page 2 of Shelly Mosher Doyle's letter to Prime Minister Trudeau,
Justice Jody Reybold-Wilson, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo

The RCMP replied by delivering a letter to Shelly Mosher that was an implied threat.

The RCMP reply will be posted in our next posting.

As the same time as this was taking place, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson was hypocritically kissing the hind quarters of the Canadian First Nation Chiefs in Ottawa telling them how unacceptable it was for RCMP officers to be racist when he has done nothing about the evidence of Mr. Lundred that was posted online and delivered to Commissioner Paulson where Mr. Lundred says that late one night he saw two police officers near Prince George with the dead body in the back of a police wagon. Mr. Lundred claims that a few days later some RCMP officers attempted to kill him and shortly after that one of the officers with the dead body, a woman, died in a suspicious /car accident.

Editors Note: The video evidence of Mr. Lundred was delivered to Prime Minister Harper by email a few years ago with a request his office pass it on to Commissioner Paulson. A year later, we were informed that no one from the RCMP interviewed Mr. Lundred.

The Editors also accuse  Commissioner Paulson of continuing to keep employed on the RCMP payroll an officer who, in our opinion, committed cold blooded murder when he shot 22 year old Ian Bush in the back of the head in a jail cell in Burns Lake, British Columbia, the same area where many native women are regularly killed and go missing.

Click here to read more about the killing of Ian Bush by an RCMP officer 

There are some who claim that the murder of Ian Bush was a right of passage into the criminal gang that operates inside the RCMP throughout Canada.

The British Columbia Attorney General of the day was Wally Oppal who refused to prosecute the RCMP Constable in question which is understandable because Wally Oppal is a member of British Columbia Freemasonry that has its own issues with organized crime operating inside its membership.  

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Law Is Well Settled,

Forensic specialists looking into the Wilfred Doyle case state that the root of the problem is that Royal Bank of Canada acted illegally when it seized and sold a registered vessel under the terms of its Security Agreement, also known as a chattel mortgage, because the legal authorities hold that a security instrument, like the security agreement held by the Royal Bank of Canada, is merely an "equitable charge" upon the vessel or ship.  

"However, the law is well settled that a security instrument which is not in the statutory form and is therefore not registerable as a "mortgage" under the Canada Shipping Act can only rank as an equitable charge upon the ship. (12 Hals. (4th) 98, para. 134; Imperial Timber & Trading Co. v. Henderson (1908), 14 B.C.R. 216).
According to a legal dictionary:

"Equitable charge refers to a security interest in property granted by a debtor. Equitable charges are similar to mortgage interests, and may be enforced by court order for sale. It does not grant ownership or possession to a creditor but gives him or her the right to the judicial process for recovery of the loan amount in case of non-payment."

According to legal scholars, in Canada, the "judicial process" means having the case heard by a judge not a court clerk, registrar or prothonotary like the Prothonotary Thompson  who granted the Brain Tumour Order referred to in the posting made on November 1, 2015 (see below).


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The tale of Wilfred Doyle and the corruption in Prince Edward Island that stretches back to RCMP Commissioner Paulson in Ottawa, and his new wife, Erin O'Gorman, at Transport Canada, in Ottawa, is getting stranger and may soon cost RCMP Commissioner Paulson and his wife, Erin O'Gorman, their high paid civil service jobs.

According to Doyle:

"On November 29th 2012 the prothonotary of the PEI Supreme Court Court, Charles Thompson, made a fraudulent  order that went to Transport Canada to transfer the title to our fishing boat. We notified Transport Canada several times that there was corruption going on at the courthouse but Transport Canada never responded or investigated it.

"Now we learn RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulsons wife, Erin O'Gorman, is the head of investigations at Transport Canada".

"We do know that the RCMP, here on PEI, went to talk to, Charles Thompson, at the court house, (after we filed a complaint that he acted corruptly), and lord behold he took a brain tumor on the same day, and now he's not prothonotary anymore. It's amazing how they weasel out of the crimes they commit."

A copy of the order that "allegedly" caused the brain tumour in Prothonotary Thompson, also known as the Brain Tumour Order, when the RCMP officers showed up at the court house to question about Charles Thompson about the order, is set out below.

Page One of Prothonotary Thompson's Brain Tumour Order"

Tompson's Brain Tumour Order Page1
Page two of Prothonotary Thompson's Brain Tumour Order

Thompson's Brain Tumour Order Page 2

Justice Taylor
According to Doyle, "it was a lawyer John Hennessey and Kersti Kass who went to the court representing RBC under false pretense with the statement of claim after they learned Charles Thompson was being investigated. And Justice Taylor was well aware that they were committing fraud. Because it states in the statement of claim that they had sold the boat for $26,000.00 before legal action was commenced. Kersti Kass resigned from the PEI Law Society not long after this took place. Any common person knows that you have to go to the court before someone can seize something on you".

According to Doyle who could not find a lawyer in PEI to represent him against the legal and judicial mafia in that Province, "... the, lawyer, Eugene J. Mockler Q.C., from Fredericton, New Brunswick, that was involved in Dugas v. Price Waterhouse Coopers Inc. and Gaudet case, was the same lawyer that helped us put the application together for the Supreme Court of Canada. He was representing a seafood company at the time when I met him. At the time Eugene Mockler;s opinion was the same that they did not have the legal right to sell our license, because the fisheries act clearly states that a fishing license cannot be bartered for money. What happens when a fisherman sells out his gear he transfers the license with the gear. Which in one way does add value to the gear, but technically the license is not sold for money".

The application by Wilfred Doyle and his wife to the Supreme Court of Canada was, in part, blocked by the Freemason Registrar Roger Bilodeau. Bilodeau has developed a nation wide reputation for corrupt practices especially in cases involving self represented litigants like Wilfred Doyle and his wife  who were seeking relief from the illegal conduct of the Prince Edward Island legal and judicial mafia. 

Unfortunately,  the Canadian courts are now highly infected by Freemasons who operate under their own laws and who regularly screw over non-Freemasons.

Canada's Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin, is deeply connected to the Freemason mob in Vancouver and regularly fixes cases to benefit the that criminal organization.

Click her to read more about Roger the Registrar
Editors Note:  The facts and opinions, excepting those concerning Freemasonry, published on this post are those of Wilfred Doyle. At this time the Editors have no evidence Erin O'Gorman was directly or indirectly involved in the Wilfred Doyle case but the trail does appear to lead to her door step which is now also the home of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.   The opinions about Freemasonry are those of the Editors and have been independently verified in other cases.   

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The murky world of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and his women.

Erin and Bob
Prince Edward Island farmer fisherman Wilfred Doyle thinks RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has a conflict of interest because, according to Doyle, Paulson 's wife is Erin O’Gorman, a director-general in Transport Canada the agency of Canada's federal government that, according to Doyle, illegally transferred the fishing licences of Wilfred Doyle and Doyle's wife to certain creditors contrary to the Fisheries Act.

According to a Toronto Sun article Paulson's marriage to O'Gorman "grew from an extramarital affair he began with a senior bureaucrat who worked on RCMP issues in the government department that supports Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office".

The Toronto Sun also reports that Paulson met his first wife while he and she were in the Canadian Forces in B.C Paulson, who trained in the military as a pilot, "was asked not to renew his contract and was released," according to an affidavit filed by his first wife in their divorce proceedings. Paulson did not respond to a question about the circumstances of his departure from the military.

Before she moved in with Paulson  O'Gorman left her job working on national security files in the Pivy Council Office to take up a mid-level executive job at Transport Canada the home of some serious corruption in Canada's government related to bulk water exports and several murder.

Recent court cases (Canada c. Haché, 2011 CAF 104; Haché v. The Queen, 2010 TCC 10; Saulnier v. Royal Bank of Canada, 2008 SCC 58; and Winsor v. The Queen, 2007 TCC 692) have given rise to related issues concerning fishing licences.

As posted earlier Paulson has also protected himself by appointing PEI lawyer Lisa Marie Enman to be part of his inner circle of advisers.

Paulson was appointed Commissioner of the RCMP on November 16,2011 replacing the first civilian Commissioner William J. S. Elliott who is currently working with INTERPOL.

The dark side of Elliott is explained at the Water War Crimes web page devoted to Elliott who was at Transport Canada at a critical time when the Water War Crimes were in high gear with secret illegal deals negotiated inside the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia and when Attorney General Brian Smith was awarded the post of Chairman of Canadian National Railway, when shares in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd went to offshore accounts in London and the Cayman Islands, when the Government broke the law, when BC Deputy Attorney General Robert Edwards was rewarded with a position and was later murdered as part of a cover up.    

Since his appointment Paulson dropped the ball seriously on a number of files including the Water War Crimes investigation where his inaction led to the murder Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson in June of 2012 and the suicide, suspected murder (?) of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel in July of the same year.  

Doyle reports that the corruption in the Prince Edward Island legal and judicial establishment is deep and that when the RCMP interviewed the local prothonotary, a glorified name for as senior court clerk, the clerk in question ran out of his office, was rushed to the hospital where it was announced he had a brain tumour.  This would explain why the Prince Edward Island judiciary and government lawyers, like Lisa Marie Enman once was are making ridiculous court orders preventing Doyle from reporting their crimes to the RCMP

Friday, October 9, 2015

Is the Prince Edward Island Judiciary Infiltrated By Orgainzed Crime?

Public Inquiry Requested 

September 25, 2015

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, MP, PC
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

 This letter is a respectful request for an immediate Public Inquiry regarding the infiltration of a Freemason network into government services. This extended inter-provincial network is operating as a white-collar criminal gang inside government, by abusing the authority they hold in their public service jobs.

Freemasons assist other Freemasons as a working network, so official government agents are committing criminal offences in order to perform favours on request from other Freemasons. Their loyalties are to the Freemason network; not to the taxpayers who are funding the operation of government.
Few people even know what Freemasonry really is, because it is not discussed in mainstream news media ....
Click here to see complete letter and list of some Freemason Mafia members in British Columbia. 
Editors Note:  The Freemason criminal judicial legal mafia is headquartered in London, England and has infiltrated court systems worldwide especially western Canada. Readers with knowledge of Freemason Lawyers and Judges in Prince Edward Island are asked to contact the Editors at
Click here to Visit the Grand Lodge of PEI

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do the PEI Legal and Judicial Mafia Have Agents Inside the RCMP Commissioner's Office in Ottawa?

RCMP Commissioner Paulson
When Wilfred Doyle started filing complaints with the RCMP in Ottawa he felt he would be outside the reach of the PEI legal and judicial Mafia that he says have been rigging cases against him and his wife as part of their effort to loot his farmland and his wife's fishing licence.

Wilfred Doyle thought that Bob Paulson the Commissioner of the RCMP would give him a fair shake and investigate his complaints that the RCMP in PEI refused to investigate and who, he says, illegally trespassed on his farm.

Lisa Marie Enman
So, when his complaints to the RCMP Commissioner's office in Ottawa went uninvestigated, Wilfred Doyle looked around and, not surprisingly, discovered that Bob Paulson's top assistant was none other than a pretty young lawyer from PEI name Lisa-Marie Enman who had formerly been legal counsel for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

The intelligent reader will be asking why did Bob Paulson hire Lisa Marie to be his assistant when in the past she  acted for the Commission that investigated Bob Paulson and his members.

The issue raises a host of possible corruption suspicions that are outside the scope of this blog but Wilfred Doyle thinks that the obvious inference is that Lisa Marie Enman is protecting her buddies back in PEI who are part of the legal and judicial mafia and she is deliberately hiding the files from RCMP Commissioner Paulson - they do that in Ottawa.

Murdered By Insiders In Ottawa
Editor's Note: The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has a history of corruption and covered up complaints that the RCMP, in British Columbia, refused investigate the crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice by lawyers employed by the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General in British Columbia that were connected to the Water War Crimes. and the RCMP failure to investigate those crimes led to the murder of New Brunswick justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson that Bob Paulson is aware of and has been covering up, presumably, on orders from the Prime Minister's office that was also responsible for the murder because Prime Minister Harper was warned several times that murders were taking place and more people would be murdered if he did not settle the claim that British Columbia lawyer, John Carten, and his colleague, Ms. Karen Gibbs, had filed in the Federal Court (Action T-95-08) and, sure enough, more people were murdered including a relatively innocent justice from Fredericton, New Brunswick who was lured into a judicial death trap by dirty insiders at the Department of Justice in Ottawa and the Ministry of Attorney General in BC. 

Nice dirty country eh!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Are Prime Minister Harper's Office Staff Involved in the Plot Against Wilfred Doyle?

Prime Minister harper with RCMP Commissioner Paulson
It is difficult to know what if anything Prime Minister Harper has done in the peculiar case of Wilfred Doyle and his allegations of criminal activity by persons at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

According to Wilfred Doyle

It should also be noted that the Prime Minister's Office and all the people we mentioned were put on notice months before the crime was committed at Department of Fisheries and Oceans. And also they tried to transfered our license a year before in 2012 and someone stopped it. I do know that they attempted in October 2012 while Gail Shea was acting Minister of Fisheries in place for Keith Ashfield to transfer our license and she refused to do it. I had suspicion this is what gave Ashfield his stress attack, it almost looked like someone was trying to blackmail him at that time. The in April of 2013 somehow they convinced him to go along with it. Then Ashfield resigned from Fisheries. And then in August of 2013 thats when Harper and the PEI Conservatives fought at the get together in New Brunswick.
Judge Simon Fothergill 

The readers should understand that one of the key players in the dirty judicial conspiracy against
Wilfred Doyle included squinty eyed Simon Fothergill when he was Assistant Deputy Minister of Justice for Canada before he was moved into the Privy Council Office after his role in the June 27, 2012 murder of Justice Carolyn  Layden Stevenson of Fredericton New Brunswick was disclosed.

In December 2014, Fothergill was appointed to the Federal Court of Canada to replace Justice  Edmund Blanchard of Edmunston, New Brunswick, who died, suddenly, also on June 27, but two years later in 2014 in circumstances that suggest he was murdered also.

More Government and Legal Corruption in PEI Alleged-

According to Wilfred Doyle, the corruption in PEI includes the Director of the Legal Aid Scheme, Kent Brown, who is the father of a lawyer who acted to transfer property illegally out of Mr. Doyle's late father's estate

Jordan Brown
"I am sending you the response I got from the Attorney General of PEI this morning concerning legal aid. The director of legal aid Mr. Kent Browns son, Jordon K Brown, is a lawyer with Cox and Palmer. Jordon Brown illegally transferred property out of my late fathers estate before it was probated. Now, Mr. Kent Brown is abusing his position as director of legal aid to proceed with a old fashion lynching to protect his son Jordon Brown from criminal charges and liability. 

Joe I think its time that Stephen Harper and Bob Paulson and Steven Blaney, Ray Novak and Jenny Byrne and Gail Shea come out and tell the truth to the Canadian people about the fraud at DFO, because we have letters here that all these people knew about this and have been put on notice."
At this time, the Editors have not reviewed the facts of the transfer and are seeking confirmation of the facts directly from Mr. Brown who is a lawyer with Cox and Palmer. 
According to the Cox and Palmer Web Site:
Cox & Palmer is a full-service, top ranked Atlantic Canadian law firm with the knowledge and experience you can rely on for solid legal solutions. We work with clients to understand their needs and provide valuable advice when it matters most.

With offices across Atlantic Canada, we are where you need us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Deep Is RCMP Corruption In PEI and Does it Go to Ottawa ??

RCMP Commissioner Paulson 

According to Wilfred Doyle:

"When the RCMP seen that they were defeated in having a trial on September 14th 2015 they ran down stairs in the court and filed five new charges of breach of an undertaking for contacting government offices while at the same time these government entities are contacting me. Its clear the RCMP are trying to use the legal process and the court to expose the Prime Ministers office that it was aware of the fraud that was committed at DFO. Because under the law the RCMP can't do it on its own."

What is going on here is that Wilfred Doyle is a whistle blower

He is kind of like a Julian Assange or Edward Snowdon for Prince Edward Island, aka PEI, and, just like in the United States of America, aka the USA, and elsewhere, the "whistle blowees", in this case the RCMP and the legal judicial mafia in PEI, do not like the whistle blown when they are committing crimes and they attack the whistle blower.

"Kill the messenger" is a common reaction by persons in power when they are informed of wrongdoing in their organization and it is reasonable to assume that the attack on Wilfred Doyle is approved at the highest levels of the RCMP and the judiciary.

The problem here is that according to law, the RCMP are supposed to "serve and protect" people like Wilfred Doyle instead of persecuting them with "frivolous and vexatious" legal proceedings.

The discerning reader, the intelligent reader, must ask:

"What is it about the crimes Wilfred Doyle reported to the RCMP that the RCMP and the legal judicial mafia are afraid of?"

"Why did the judge order him not to report to the RCMP the crimes that Wilfred Doyle says involved the husband of a prominent judge?"

Editors Note:  The ridiculous and obviously frivolous and vexatious criminal charges against Wilfred Doyle are reproduced on this blog and can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of the blog site.  

As stated in previous posts, when it comes to investigating crimes by politicians and civil servants and the like and judicial mafias in this country the RCMP are cowards.

By comparison, in the USA, the FBI and local "elected sheriffs" regularly bring charges against dirty judges and dirty lawyers and very often those dirty judges and dirty lawyers go to "the Big House" a.k.a. "the Crowbar Hotel" for a spell.

There are no elected police officers or chiefs in all of Canada just like there are no elected judges or prosecutors which is why the judicial and legal mafia can commit crimes, such as murder as they did in the case of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson, from New Brunswick, and Justices Robert Edwards, James Taylor, Donald Brenner, and others in British Columbia  and get away with it thanks to a cowardly and incompetent RCMP led by the red-coated and yellow-striped Bob Paulson. 

Editors Note: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms declares that everyone has as a  fundamental freedom the "freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication". 

When Wilfred Doyle was expressing his belief that members of the judiciary and legal community in PEI were involved in criminal activity he was exercising his fundamental freedom of though belief opinion and expression and the attempt by the legal and judicial mafia to shut him up was nothing more than a self serving violation of that freedom by politically appointed persons.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Were Charges Laid By or For RCMP Commissioner Paulson Against Wilfred Doyle?

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson
RCMP Commissioner Paulson does not enjoy it when an average Canadian asks him to do his job properly.

RCMP Commissioner Paulson was appointed to his job by a group of Tory Insiders and the Legal and Judicial Mafia in Prince Edward Island is bunch of unelected Tory Insiders and so when Wilfred Doyle was persistently asking Canada's unelected Tory Appointed top policeman to do his job that Tory Appointed top policeman, Bob Paulson, decided enough was enough and, in our opinion, caused a criminal charge of harassment be brought against Wilfred Doyle.

RCMP Bob Paulson has a history of political cowardice when it comes to investigating crimes by politicians, civil servants, their agents and politically connected judges and lawyers and their agents.

In the Editors' opinion, it was RCMP cowardice that led to the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson from Fredericton, New Brunswick because RCMP refused to investigate and bring to justice those involved in the Water War Crimes and, if the RCMP had done so, as they are required to do by law, Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson would, most probably, not have been murdered by the insiders who needed to murder her to cover up their crimes.

In our opinion, the yellow stripe on RCMP Commissioner Paulson pants goes right up his back.

More recently, in British Columbia, when the RCMP Commissioner Paulson was asked to investigate incidents of attempted murder against John English and his family in British Columbia the same Commissioner Paulson refused to direct his officers to carry out the  investigation presumably because he was doing favours for the civil servants in British Columbia who were behind the criminal attacks on the English Family and their property and who were involved in the corruption and fraudulent legal strategy that led to the murder of Justice Layden-Stevenson from New Brunswick. Prime Minister Harper had the guts to fire the Deputy Minister responsible in Ottawa but Premier Christy Clark refused to fire the Deputy Minister in British Columbia, Richard Fyfe, who was equally responsible.

Click here to read about the terrorism used by the BC Government against the English family

Canadians have a lot to fear when the members of the RCMP, especially the Commissioner, are a bunch of yellow cowards and lay charges of harassment against citizens who report incidents of crime by civil servants.

The following is the Warrant issued by Justice Nancy Key against Wilfred Doyle that sets out the details of the charges brought on behalf of Commissioner Paulson against Wilfred Doyle
If you can't read the WARRANT FOR ARREST scroll down to the bottom of the blog where it is reproduced in a larger format. :

According to Wilfred Doyle,
"These criminal charges are nothing more than a gag order and to make a public embarrassment for Prime Minister Harper. Because the Prime Ministers office was put on notice before the fraud was committed at DFO. And we can only assume that Nigel Wright and Dean Del Mastro did not advise the Prime Minister of the situation for political reasons. But anyway we got this shut down until January 2016. And Nancy Key only adjourned this case so she would have time to avoid being caught in a conflict of interest. I figured the headlines on the news would read "PEI Man charged with threatening the Prime Minister" and you know  people would be asking what its about, and of course the judicial mafia on PEI would be roaring the fraud at DFO."

Where is Wilfred Doyle? Wilfred Doyle's Lawyer Quits on Eve of Trial and Wilfred Doyle Is Arrested. Where Is Wilfred Doyle??


Yolande S. Richard Murphy
The complex tale of judicial and legal nepotism on Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province sometimes called PEI, for short, just got a little more bizarre and a little more complicated because on Friday afternoon, immediately after this blog reported the ongoing injustice being inflicted on Wilfred Doyle by the judicial and legal profession on PEI, Wilfred Doyle's lawyer, the Yolande S. Richard Murphy, (shown in photo on right) a so-called public defender informed Wilfred Doyle she would be  removing herself from the case as Wilfred's legal counsel . 

A lawyer abandoning a case at the last minute, on Friday afternoon, when the hearing is set for Monday morning is a rare event.  Usually lawyers give their a reasonable time to get a new lawyer but, sometimes, a lawyer is part of a conspiracy to sabotage the client and, in the case of Wilfred Doyle, that is a possibility because Wilfred Doyle is stepping on the toes of some 'big people" on that "little island".

As a practical matter, the lawyer must appear in court, make an application and the court must approve the withdrawal. So, on Monday morning, while Wilfred was waiting for the court and his lawyer to inform him what they were going to do when his public defender lawyer refused to work for him and when he was looking for another lawyer, the RCMP arrested Wilfred Doyle and, according to his wife Shelly, he has not been heard from since.

Did the RCMP arrest Wilfred Doyle and lock him in the cells as part of a conspiracy to deny him legal counsel because he was threatening to expose massive corruption in PEI?  

That is an open question because Wilfred Doyle has written RCMP Commissioner Paulson on a number of occasions requesting an investigation of judicial and legal corruption in PEI but the RCMP refused to investigate and appear to be complicit in the corruption by refusing to investigate.  Commissioner Paulson has his own problems arising form his inept failure to find the murderers of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and to bring to justice those involved n the Water War Crimes Conspiracy.

Click here to go to Water War Crimes Conspiracy Web Site - Canada's Greatest Scandal

The right to legal counsel is a right guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and some legal scholars argue that Yolande had no right to withdraw without court approval and that the court had no right to proceed any further without giving Wilfred Doyle the right to retain legal counsel...

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Judiciary in PEI Continues to Persecute Wilfred Doyle and Justice Key has a conflict of Interest eh?

Nancy Key 
Wilfred Doyle has a problem. 

The justice system is Prince Edward Island is a "family compact".

There is not a single elected judge in all of Prince Edward Island.

The following letter to Justice Nancy Key, shown in photo on left, Chief Justice Jacqueline Matheson and Justice Minister Peter Mackay draws to the attention of the public the fact that Justice Nancy is in a conflict of interest because of her relationship with Derek who could go to jail if Wilfred Doyle is right.

Derek Key 
Derek D. Key was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Canada in November 2012.

Born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Mr. Key graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Laws at Dalhousie University in 1981. In 2012, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Mr. Key is currently a partner with Key Murray Law, a Prince Edward Island law firm connected regionally, nationally and internationally. He also serves as President of both Hersonsfield Management Inc. and Ninety-Four Enterprises Ltd.

Since 1999, Mr. Key has served as Chair of the Insurance Committee for the Law Society of Prince Edward Island, a body that faces a major liability if Wilfred Doyle is right, and he served two terms on the Board of the Atlantic Innovation Fund. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association, another body facing a major claim if Wilfred Doyle is right, and is a past president of the Summerside Chamber of Commerce

 He is a member of the Order of Canada, home to many of Canada's top criminals such as Conrad Black who was convicted of obstruction of justice and other fraud,  a Life Member of Scouts Canada, an organization that has been heavily involved in child sex abuse, and, in 2010, was awarded the Law Society of Prince Edward Island’s Distinguished Community Service Award.

Wilfred Doyle is having a problem getting a lawyer to make proper argument on his behalf because the people who came after him are "big people" in a little place and the legal profession in PEI is a small community and, you know, nobody wants to offend big people by embarrassing them etc., etc.
Wilfred Doyle's Letter 

Wilfred Doyle's present lawyer is obviously afraid of the "big people" on that little island where there is no place to hide when the "big people" decide you are a threat to them.

And, Wilfred Doyle's lawyer is probably justifiably afraid because if the powers that be in Canada can reach out and murder the New Brunswick born, long term Frederickton resident and Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice, Carolyn Layden- Stevenson, then they can certainly reach out and murder a lawyer in Prince Edward Island.

Click here to go to You Tube presentation on the murder of Justice Layden-Stevenson

Click here to read more about the murder of New Brunswick jurist Carolyn Layden-Stevenson