Thursday, December 10, 2015

Prime Minister Trudeau and his colleagues asked to remedy corruption by Prince Edward Island Legal and Judicial Mafia

When Wilfred Doyle got the run around by the RCMP on PEI and by RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and his gang in Ottawa and having had no success with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper (whose wife was allegedly in a gay love triangle with an RCMP officer) and his gang, his wife, Shelly, decided to seek the help of newly elected Prime Minister Justin TrudeauMinister of Justice Jody Wilson - Reybould, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo.

The reader should note that Wilfred has to be careful about who he writes so Shelly wrote the letter for him because he is facing criminal charges for reporting to the RCMP what he believes to be crimes and the RCMP regard his conduct as criminal harassment, ha, ha, ha, ha, lol. 

The following is a copy of page one of Shelly Mosher's (Wilfred wife) letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Justice Jody Wilson - Reybould, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo.

The following is a copy of page 2 of Shelly Mosher Doyle's letter to Prime Minister Trudeau,
Justice Jody Reybold-Wilson, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale and Minister of Fisheries Hunter TooToo

The RCMP replied by delivering a letter to Shelly Mosher that was an implied threat.

The RCMP reply will be posted in our next posting.

As the same time as this was taking place, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson was hypocritically kissing the hind quarters of the Canadian First Nation Chiefs in Ottawa telling them how unacceptable it was for RCMP officers to be racist when he has done nothing about the evidence of Mr. Lundred that was posted online and delivered to Commissioner Paulson where Mr. Lundred says that late one night he saw two police officers near Prince George with the dead body in the back of a police wagon. Mr. Lundred claims that a few days later some RCMP officers attempted to kill him and shortly after that one of the officers with the dead body, a woman, died in a suspicious /car accident.

Editors Note: The video evidence of Mr. Lundred was delivered to Prime Minister Harper by email a few years ago with a request his office pass it on to Commissioner Paulson. A year later, we were informed that no one from the RCMP interviewed Mr. Lundred.

The Editors also accuse  Commissioner Paulson of continuing to keep employed on the RCMP payroll an officer who, in our opinion, committed cold blooded murder when he shot 22 year old Ian Bush in the back of the head in a jail cell in Burns Lake, British Columbia, the same area where many native women are regularly killed and go missing.

Click here to read more about the killing of Ian Bush by an RCMP officer 

There are some who claim that the murder of Ian Bush was a right of passage into the criminal gang that operates inside the RCMP throughout Canada.

The British Columbia Attorney General of the day was Wally Oppal who refused to prosecute the RCMP Constable in question which is understandable because Wally Oppal is a member of British Columbia Freemasonry that has its own issues with organized crime operating inside its membership.  

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