Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Background On Justice Gordon Campbell and His Role in the Wolfred Doyle Story

Gordon Campbell
In our previous post, we, the Editors, expressed the political opinion that the politically appointed Justice Gordon Campbell of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island was a crook or stupid or both.

How could a judge be so stupid to not understand that if the RBC Bank seized and sold a fisherman's fish boat out from under him that the fisherman would be unlikely to be able to pay his mortgage? The question is what they call a no brainer. So, as part of our investigative practices, our "on the ground intrepid investigative reporter" in Prince Edward Island made some inquiries and discovered that

"Edwina Campbell was the registrar at Transport Canada at the time Transport Canada illegally transferred the registration of our boat. Edwina Campbell is one of Justice Gordon Campbell's in-laws. John Hennessey Q.C. and Charles Thompson knew damn well once they involved her in the crime they had Justice Gordon Campbell in their back pocket for protection. John Hennessey is a lawyer with McInnis and Cooper Atlantic law firm"

So, it looks like Justice Gordon Campbell was being deliberately stupid in order to protect his relation in law, Edwina Campbell.

Or, maybe it is not a genetic at all and Justice Campbell just has a different view of the world and he is perfectly honest and Wilfred Doyle is mistaken but, in our opinion, the Justice Doyle must be a little stupid if he cannot understand how having the basis of one's livihood, the fishboat, slyly, and, probably, illegally, taken away would diminish one's capacity to make regular mortgage payments. What we mean is that it is kind of like Grade 2 arithmetic.  2 + 2 = 4; let's spell that out: two plus two equals four.  

For example, supposed tomorrow, Justice Campbell was fired and they took his pension and other capital investments and savings away, like Wilfred Doyle's fishboat was to him,does anyone really think Justice Campbell  would be able to make the mortgage payments on his palace for more that a few months. Well it is highly unlikely and unless he has a pot of gold hidden away somewhere out of sight of the taxman , it is probable that Justice Campbell would be on the street in a few months because the bank would collect on its mortgage as banks always do.

The Honourable Gordon L. Campbell has been a member of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island since 2001. Prior to his appointment, he practiced law with Stewart McKelvey in Charlottetown, PEI, focusing primarily on corporate and commercial law. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick Law School in 1980, he holds a Masters in Public Administration from Dalhousie University (1977) and a BA in Political Science from the University of Prince Edward Island (1975).

He is a past director and member of the Executive of the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association and past chair of the Association's Technology Committee. He is currently Chair of the Association's Public Education Committee and serves as a member of the Canadian Judicial Council's Technology Sub-Committee.

Justice Campbell sits as a member of the Rules Committee of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal of Prince Edward Island. He has served since 2008 as a member of the faculty of the Intensive Trial Advocacy Program presented by the Faculty of Law at Université de Moncton, NB.

He is the current chair of the Federal Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee for PEI. He is a past president of the PEI Branch of the Canadian Bar Association and, at the time of his appointment to the Supreme Court, was the vice-president of the PEI Law Society.

(Editor's Note: The fact Justice Campbell is on the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee for PEI assists to explain why the lawyers in PEI are afraid to represent Wilfred Doyle because if they offend Justice Campbell they will probably never by appointed a judge and earn $250,000 per year which is far more than any lawyer on that little sand bar north and east of New Brunswick earns in a year.)

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