Friday, July 29, 2016

The Sexual Take Down of Former Department of Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo

Who was the real victim?
 Sex in high places.

The truth is now emerging in Ottawa.

Insiders are reporting that former newly appointed Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo, who was investigating the corruption in his Department where Wilfred Doyle`s fishing licence was stolen from him by Department of Fisheries Officials who were corruptly to benefitting their crooked friends and relatives on Prince Edward Island, was the victim of a sexual take down.

The real story is emerging but all the facts are is still hidden behind veils of official secrecy and the identity of the faceless woman who lured Hunter Tootoo to his down fall is carefully guarded by the criminal gangs that operate behind the inner circles of power in Ottawa.
Click here to read CBC story about sex and former Fisheries Minister Tootoo

The sex- trap is an ancient tactic that is often used by criminals in high places to take down individuals who are uncovering injustice and rooting out the criminals that inhabit high office.

Was Hunter Tootoo Victim of A Sex Trap?
Several years ago, a sex trap was effectively used by the politically connected law firm Heenan Blaikie when it sent a pretty young  lawyer  to have a sexual relationship  with  Victoria Chief of Police Paul Battershill who was investigating national corruption connected to the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General in Victoria that led directly back to former BC Attorney General Geoff Plant and former Prime Minister Jean Chreiten who were both partners at Heenan Blakie. 

Heenan Blaikie was dissolved a few years later when the RCMP were preparing to bring corruption charges against it, for among other things, paying bribes to foreign officials. Law firms have trouble appearing in court when they are also charged with crimes in another court. The crafty lawyers at Heenan Blaikie avoided the problem by a legal trick - dissolve the law firm.  

Chief Battershill, who was married at the time, admitted to the press that he had had an affair and resigned. The lawyer denied it was an affair, which means it was business, legal business. The local Law Society gave her a pat on the back.

Click here to read more about the sexual take down of Victoria City Chief of Police Paul Battershill.

Premier Wade
According to Wilfred Doyle, PEI Premier and Attorney General Wade McLauchlin is continuing to refuse his request for a full investigation of the criminals in the PEI court system who abused the court processes and assisted their family and friends to loot private property and enrich their mafia.

On his return to Ottawa Hunter Tootoo is acting like a gentleman and refusing to identify the faceless victim that the media describes a "a female junior staff member " well...come on folks... we are not talking about an eight year old... or even a 15 year old...., the faceless female in question is obviously politically wise, she is in a political office and she is certainly over 20, maybe over 30 but, certainly, wise to the ways of the world. She may have been a lawyer.

There are literally armies of women like her in high political offices throughout Canada and, let's be fair, some of them are part of the criminal organization that lurks inside government and others are clean.

There is more to this story...


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