Monday, August 15, 2016

Justice Minister Threatens Atlantic Canada Over Judicial Corruption

Justice Minister Raybould-Wilson
Legal observers are reporting that corruption and case rigging at the Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court and Court of Queens Bench caused Canadian Justice Minister Jody Raybould Wilson to issue a veiled threat at the Atlantic region judicial and legal profession by suggesting the vacancy at the Supreme Court of Canada traditionally filled by a candidate from Atlantic Canada would be filled by an outsider.

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The depth of judicial corruption in the Prince Edward  Island courts which consists of a handful of interrelated judges has been openly and widely published on this blog without any serious objection or challenge and without any serious investigation by any responsible official.

The story of judicial corruption encountered in New Brunswick is well known as a result of the Evelyn Greene story a sister blog edited by Joe Adam and his colleagues at Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs and the notorious murder of New Brunswick Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson on June 27, 2012 and the follow up suspected murder of New Brunswick Justice Edmund Blanchard two years later on June 27, 2014 - both deaths were caused by rapid onset cancer which is apparently a leading cause of sudden death among dirty members of the judiciary in Canada. 

Corrupt Justice McLachlin
In the meantime the most corrupt Chief Justice in Canada 's history is starting to deteriorate visibly as recent photos show.

Ms. McLachlin, the Chairperson of the corrupt Canadian Judicial Council, refused to investigate complaints of corruption by both Wilfred Doyle and Evelyn Greene and the murder of Justices Layden Stevenson and, probably the murder of Justice Edmund Blanchard can be traced directly to the cover up of judicial corruption in British Columbia where McLachlin was a judge ahd played a key role in many crooked decisions before being put on the Supreme Court of Canada by Brian Mulroney.

In 2000, McLachlin was also involved in dirty attempt to corrupt the Bloddy Sunday -Bogside Massacre - inquiry into the British army shooting of  26 unarmed Irish civilians that was taking place in Northern Ireland by sending the corrupt British Columbia Court of Appeal Justice, Bill Esson, to Ireland as an official back up judge for the inquiry something that backfired when news of Justice Esson 's corruption was sent  to the IRA by Canadian sympathizers.

Esson was quickly and quietly returned to Canada because he might have had a bullet put in his head given he played a big role in the British Columbia courts protecting paedophiles and was reputed to be a paedophile himself.

The depth of the corruption among the British Columbia judiciary and legal profession is unparalleled and goes back decades.  Some current developments are online at where the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, like the crooked judges in PEI, is refusing to investigate alleged crimes by a Freemason Master  Peter Keighley who is also a reported member of the Criminal Church of England noted for pedofilia and other crimes against humanity.


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