Saturday, September 28, 2013

Has a PEI Mafia Infiltrated the Department of Fisheries and Oceans?

Fisherman farmer Wildfred Doyle is upset. According to Doyle:

"I don't know a hundred percent that Cecil Taylor, (shown in photo on left)  is a brother to Justice Ben Taylor but I'm pretty sure that he is. ..... you know how they like to keep it in the family. Cecil Taylor is the Regional Vice President for Atlantic Canada, for the Conservative Party of CanadaCecil Taylor and James Travers and the Honourable Gail Shea have been using their influence in the Conservative party to conceal the fraud they committed on me at Department of Fisheries and Oceans, in the illegal transfer of my fishing licence, that they sold for $350,000, that Matheson and Murray Law Firm charged $60,000 in legal fees for selling the licence".

Mr. Doyle also reports that

"On August 9th 2013 the conservative party had a picnic in New Brunswick, members from the Conservative Party of PEI come back and made a statement to the CBC that they were progressive conservatives and that there are no coat tails to pull in Ottawa. It is unclear whether they were trying to talk the Prime Minister into covering up their fraud, or Mr. Harper wouldn't pass the potato salad or he drank all the koolaid, its unclear at this point."

Wilfred Doyle is continuing his investigation of corruption and states:

"But these -------are sure trying to hide something. We made a request under Access to Information on April 16th 2013 for the file from Department of Fisheries and Oceans concerning the transfer of the fishing licence, and after 30 days they requested another 120 days, and at that time they stated there was 860 pages in the file and now its down to 265 pages. They are consulting with 6 government departments, some of which are Transport Canada, Minister of Justice, RCMP, PEI Lending Agency( now called Finance PEI) , the PEI government and possibly the PEI Department of Justice.  On November 2nd, 1998 James C Travers was the lawyer for the PEI Lending Agency to overlook a mortgage we took out with the PEI Lending Agency which was found to be negligence on Travers behalf, so to cover up his negligence on the first mortgage, Mr. Travers (shown in photo on right) and the PEI Lending Agency put a second mortgage together to cover up the negligence from the first mortgage, which turned out to be fraud. Because apparently Mr. Whyte who I purchased the property from had no legal title. And Mr. Travers was well aware of this, because he mortgaged this same property in the first mortgage on November 2nd 1998 that belonged to my father the late Richard Doyle. Mr Travers and Thomas A Matheson used the influence that they have in the court system and the Conservative Party of Canada to destroy us financially to get rid of their problems."

Mr. Travers is also a member of the National Constitution Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr. Doyle a local mafia inside the government has wrongfully acquired his fishing licence.  He accuses Department of Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea (shown in photo on left) of giving him the run around and being afraid to challenge the PEI Mafia that has infiltrated her Department.

"The gentlemen Chris MacPhee that got my licence is married into the Taylor Family, Mr MacPhees aunt, Shirly Johnson, from Suffolk, road works at the licence department at Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Charlottetown. Isn't it nice how families are so close on PEI when they are committing fraud."

Editors Note:  The opinions expressed on this page are entirely those of Mr. Doyle and the Editors cannot and do not affirm or deny the veracity of Mr. Doyle's remarks. 

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