Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Smells Like Fisheries Minister Gail Shea Starting to Stink Like A Rotten Fish On The Beach

This stink coming from the Minister Gail Shea and the Department of Fisheries in Ottawa got a little stronger recently when Wilfred Doyle asked for disclosure of the document relating to the transfer of the fishing licence held by him and his wife Shelley Mosher

According to the Department of Fisheries, there are 658 relevant documents and most of them have been blanked out.

It is obvious that the Department is hiding something dirty.

A good question is where did the Department get the power to sell an asset owned by Shelly Mosher when she didn't owe any of the debt?

According to Mr. Doyle, Minister Gail Shea is refusing to disclose the file on the illegal transfer of our fishing license through access to information.  
It appears Minister Shea is conspiring with the legal community to conceal the fraud her department has committed and obstruct justice.
And after being put on notice by the Prime Ministers office, she refuses to respond to our letter dated November 7th 2013 to the Prime Minister.
More recently in P.E.I., Matheson and Murray Law Firm changed the name of their Law Firm to Key and Murray Law Firm which may be a devious way to avoid association with the truthful accusations set out on this blog.
Minister Steven Blaney was put on notice as well because the RCMP have refused to do an investigation with due diligence.  Blaney has refused to respond to the complaint.
Furthermore, Minister Shea appears to has misled the Prime Minister by stating that her department followed all acts and policies of DFO and the Saulnier case.
The New Brunswick Court of Appeal stated on October 2012 stated that the Saulnier case only applies to a trustee in Bankruptcy.
Wilfred Doyle and Shelly Mosher did not file bankruptcy or go through a farm debt mediation nor did they file any agreement or instrument with DFO and any financial institution.
In Doyle's opinion, Minister Shea has flat out lied to the Prime Minister.
A copy of her letter will be posted in due course. 

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