Saturday, May 3, 2014

PEI Fisherman Wilfred Doyle, Prime Minister Harper and the crooked Canadian Chief Justice

Chief Justice McLachlin
Wilfred Doyle, a fisherman farmer from Prince Edward Island, is loudly cheering for Prime Minister Harper who has now gone public and accused Canadian Chief Justice McLachlin of improper conduct. 

The exposure of McLachlin as a crooked judge is long overdue

Doyle was denied access to justice by Canada's top judge because Doyle's case would have exposed a nest of corruption among the Canadian government appointed judges on Prince Edward IslandMcLachlin is widely viewed as a key player in the judicial mafia that has been operating more or less openly in Canada fixing cases to favour friends, family and those who pay the appropriate bribes. 

McLachlin was appointed to her position by the notorious Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien who was forced from office amid corruption scandals including a brazenly corrupt interference with the administration of justice in the British Columbia court system. 

McLachlin, a former member of British Columbia judiciary, was appointed to the position of Chief Justice of Canada to insure that the dirt about Prime Minister Chretien and the crooked judges of British Columbia was kept secret and away from the public.

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Over the past several years, a number of judges and lawyers who were witnesses to that corruption have been murdered and there is a school of legal opinion that regards McLachlin as a key player in those murders

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