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Were Two Atlantic Canada Judges Murdered To cover Up Judicial Corruption In Atlantic Canada?

On June 27, 2014 Canadian Court Martial Appeal Court Chief Justice, Edmond Blanchard, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2000 and then Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court in 2004, died of sudden onset cancer.

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On June 27, 2012,Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2002, died of sudden onset cancer.

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So what is going on here?  

Justice Layden-Stevenson
They both died of sudden onset cancer and both on the same day, June 27, albeit two years apart, 2012 and 2014. 

They were both relatively young, both connected to the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Chretien and they were both dead within a relatively short time of each other.

Yep, it sure looks weird but when you add in the fact that Carolyn was the 12th in a series of judges directly involved on the Water War Crimes who suddenly died from unnatural natural causes and when you add in the fact cancer has been weaponized and can be used as a tool by murderers and executioners to get rid of unwanted people then it all begins to look more strange and this strangeness is heightened when you realize that Carolyn was murdered and then, logically and rationally, you, us, we must begin to wonder whether or not Justice Blanchard was murdered too?

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Forensic experts believe that Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered in order to cover up the identity of those involved in the Water War Crimes.

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Readers are asked to keep an open mind and if they have any evidence that suggests Justice Edmond Blanchard was murdered please share that evidence with the appropriate authorities and, if they think appropriate with the Editors of this web site.

But what has this got to do with the Wilfred Doyle Story story the reader may be asking

Well, it has quite a bit to do with the Wilfred Doyle Story but the reader needs to know some other facts about Edmond Blanchard to understand how he is connected to the Wilfred Doyle Story because Wilfred Doyle is just an "average citizen" who claimed he was abused by the a legal and judicial mafia operating in Prince Edward Island and when he was abused and no one would help him in his home province because all the local lawyers are a bunch of cowards afraid to offend a local judge, Wilfred Doyle began to complain to some people in Ottawa Canada's capital city and...

Justice Edmond Blanchard was a very senior guy in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. 

At the time of his death, he was the Chief Justice of the Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court a position to which he was appointed in 2004. 

The Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court handles some of Canada's most sensitive legal cases that from time to time involve top level national defence secrets. Due to his position it is safe to assume that Chief Justice Blanchard would have had top level security clearance

In addition, at the time of his death, Justice Blanchard was the Vice Chair of the Judicial Conduct Committee of the Canadian Judicial Council another highly important committee that is privy to some of the darkest secrets about judicial corruption in Canada.  The Chairperson of that Committee is Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin who was an early player in the judicial corruption that loomed large in the Water War Crimes story.

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When Wilfred Doyle encountered judicial abuse in Prince Edward Island when some members of the of the Prince Edward Island Court of Queen's Bench refused to do justice (as he saw it should have been done) in his case because those Queen's Benchers were connected to the local legal mafia so he filed complaints with the Canadian Judicial Council where his complaints eventually ended up on the desk of Justice Blanchard, the Vice Chair of the Judicial Council.

Was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "good guy" doing his job who was silenced by agents of the legal and judicial mafia operating in Prince Edward Island who were afraid he would expose how they had conspired to loot Wilfred Doyle's property.
Or, was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "bad guy" who assisted in the cover up of corruption by the legal and judicial mafia in Prince Edward Island who was executed by "higher powers" because he violated his oath and was protecting his legal and judicial pals back home?

The investigation is continuing and readers are encouraged to keep an open mind and return to these pages for more information when it emerges.

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