Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Attorney General of Prince Edward Island Refuses to Request Inquiry Into Nepotism On the Bench In PEI

H. Wade MacLauchlan
The Premier and Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Safety and Minister of the Attorney General of Prince Edward Island, the Honourable H. Wade MacLauchlan (shown in photo on right)  has has refused the reasonable request by Mr. Doyle and his wife, Shelly, that he, the Premier and Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Safety and Minister of the Attorney General of Prince Edward Island all combined into one person like four persons all in one holy quaternity, write the Canadian Judicial Council and request that the Canadian Judicial Council carry out an inquest into the disturbing tale of Wilfred Doyle and his peculiar contest in the courts of Prince Edward Island where judges and court officers appear to be engaged in a form of case fixing to protect and benefit certain people who are their relatives or next of kin, both the in-law and outlaw kind of kin, and who were involved in the alleged wrongful seizure and sale of Mr. Doyle and his wife's registered fishing vessel and fishing licence.

A strange story, indeed, that resulted in bizarre harassment charges against Mr. Doyle when he persistently reported corruption in the courts and legal community to Commissioner Paulson of the RCMP who is now dealing with sexual assault charges against another of his royal, red-coated, mounties in British Columbia where sexual assault is almost as common as common assault causing some legal scholars to suggest that sexual assault is so common that is should be regarded as common assault - at least in British Columbia where cannabis is consumed openly on the streets and the halls of the legislature and many municipal councils.

The following is a copy of the letter sent on behalf of Premier and Minister MacLauchlin.

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