Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Did the Corruption in the Department of Fisheries and PEI Courts Make Minister Tootoo drink too much?

Hunter Tootoo
Sometimes a man is driven to drink by circumstances.

Insiders are reporting that when Minister Tootoo was confounded by the liars and cheaters in inside the Department of Fisheries and the crooks in the PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND courts he would sometimes pour himself a drink or two.

Well, ... we all know that having a drink or two can be a slippery slope and, yesterday, it was announced that the Hunter Tootoo, the federal Minister of the Department of Fisheries was taking a leave of absence to sober up.

Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly are sympathetic with Minister Tootoo because they know exactly how he felt dealing with the whole pack of lying, cheating, self-serving, double dealing civil servants who have forgotten why they have their high paid civil service jobs which is to SERVE THE  PUBLIC and not themselves and their family members at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers in this country.

Click here to read story about Tootoo resignation

Dominic Leblanc
Prime Minister Trudeau has appointed Dominic LeBlanc to replace Hunter Tootoo

Dominic is the son of Romeo LeBlanc who, once upon a time, was Governor General for Canada and who was a major team player in the cabinet of Justin's dad, Pierre Trudeau. Dominic is a lawyer by training so he should be able to read the Fisheries Act and see through the b--- s--- of the lying cheating civil servants in the Department of Fisheries and the mischieviously malicious miscreants on the bench in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.

Wilfred Doyle and his wife Shelly wish Dominic well because he is surrounded by snakes and vipers.

The Editors also wish Dominic well and hope he is able to unravel some of the mystery that has led to the murder of several Canadian judges who were part of the cover up of the Water War Crimes where according to Justice Peter Leask of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm and his cabinet were major players.

Click here to read judgment of Justice Leask

Canadian Chief Justice McLachlin who should have investigated the corruption in the PEI courts was compromised because she has been part of the cover up of the Water War Crimes from the very first day of her appointment in February 2001.

Click here to read about the lying cheating Canadian Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and the Water War Crimes

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