Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do the PEI Legal and Judicial Mafia Have Agents Inside the RCMP Commissioner's Office in Ottawa?

RCMP Commissioner Paulson
When Wilfred Doyle started filing complaints with the RCMP in Ottawa he felt he would be outside the reach of the PEI legal and judicial Mafia that he says have been rigging cases against him and his wife as part of their effort to loot his farmland and his wife's fishing licence.

Wilfred Doyle thought that Bob Paulson the Commissioner of the RCMP would give him a fair shake and investigate his complaints that the RCMP in PEI refused to investigate and who, he says, illegally trespassed on his farm.

Lisa Marie Enman
So, when his complaints to the RCMP Commissioner's office in Ottawa went uninvestigated, Wilfred Doyle looked around and, not surprisingly, discovered that Bob Paulson's top assistant was none other than a pretty young lawyer from PEI name Lisa-Marie Enman who had formerly been legal counsel for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

The intelligent reader will be asking why did Bob Paulson hire Lisa Marie to be his assistant when in the past she  acted for the Commission that investigated Bob Paulson and his members.

The issue raises a host of possible corruption suspicions that are outside the scope of this blog but Wilfred Doyle thinks that the obvious inference is that Lisa Marie Enman is protecting her buddies back in PEI who are part of the legal and judicial mafia and she is deliberately hiding the files from RCMP Commissioner Paulson - they do that in Ottawa.

Murdered By Insiders In Ottawa
Editor's Note: The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has a history of corruption and covered up complaints that the RCMP, in British Columbia, refused investigate the crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice by lawyers employed by the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General in British Columbia that were connected to the Water War Crimes. and the RCMP failure to investigate those crimes led to the murder of New Brunswick justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson that Bob Paulson is aware of and has been covering up, presumably, on orders from the Prime Minister's office that was also responsible for the murder because Prime Minister Harper was warned several times that murders were taking place and more people would be murdered if he did not settle the claim that British Columbia lawyer, John Carten, and his colleague, Ms. Karen Gibbs, had filed in the Federal Court (Action T-95-08) and, sure enough, more people were murdered including a relatively innocent justice from Fredericton, New Brunswick who was lured into a judicial death trap by dirty insiders at the Department of Justice in Ottawa and the Ministry of Attorney General in BC. 

Nice dirty country eh!


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