Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Government and Legal Corruption in PEI Alleged-

According to Wilfred Doyle, the corruption in PEI includes the Director of the Legal Aid Scheme, Kent Brown, who is the father of a lawyer who acted to transfer property illegally out of Mr. Doyle's late father's estate

Jordan Brown
"I am sending you the response I got from the Attorney General of PEI this morning concerning legal aid. The director of legal aid Mr. Kent Browns son, Jordon K Brown, is a lawyer with Cox and Palmer. Jordon Brown illegally transferred property out of my late fathers estate before it was probated. Now, Mr. Kent Brown is abusing his position as director of legal aid to proceed with a old fashion lynching to protect his son Jordon Brown from criminal charges and liability. 

Joe I think its time that Stephen Harper and Bob Paulson and Steven Blaney, Ray Novak and Jenny Byrne and Gail Shea come out and tell the truth to the Canadian people about the fraud at DFO, because we have letters here that all these people knew about this and have been put on notice."
At this time, the Editors have not reviewed the facts of the transfer and are seeking confirmation of the facts directly from Mr. Brown who is a lawyer with Cox and Palmer. 
According to the Cox and Palmer Web Site:
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