Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Deep Is RCMP Corruption In PEI and Does it Go to Ottawa ??

RCMP Commissioner Paulson 

According to Wilfred Doyle:

"When the RCMP seen that they were defeated in having a trial on September 14th 2015 they ran down stairs in the court and filed five new charges of breach of an undertaking for contacting government offices while at the same time these government entities are contacting me. Its clear the RCMP are trying to use the legal process and the court to expose the Prime Ministers office that it was aware of the fraud that was committed at DFO. Because under the law the RCMP can't do it on its own."

What is going on here is that Wilfred Doyle is a whistle blower

He is kind of like a Julian Assange or Edward Snowdon for Prince Edward Island, aka PEI, and, just like in the United States of America, aka the USA, and elsewhere, the "whistle blowees", in this case the RCMP and the legal judicial mafia in PEI, do not like the whistle blown when they are committing crimes and they attack the whistle blower.

"Kill the messenger" is a common reaction by persons in power when they are informed of wrongdoing in their organization and it is reasonable to assume that the attack on Wilfred Doyle is approved at the highest levels of the RCMP and the judiciary.

The problem here is that according to law, the RCMP are supposed to "serve and protect" people like Wilfred Doyle instead of persecuting them with "frivolous and vexatious" legal proceedings.

The discerning reader, the intelligent reader, must ask:

"What is it about the crimes Wilfred Doyle reported to the RCMP that the RCMP and the legal judicial mafia are afraid of?"

"Why did the judge order him not to report to the RCMP the crimes that Wilfred Doyle says involved the husband of a prominent judge?"

Editors Note:  The ridiculous and obviously frivolous and vexatious criminal charges against Wilfred Doyle are reproduced on this blog and can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of the blog site.  

As stated in previous posts, when it comes to investigating crimes by politicians and civil servants and the like and judicial mafias in this country the RCMP are cowards.

By comparison, in the USA, the FBI and local "elected sheriffs" regularly bring charges against dirty judges and dirty lawyers and very often those dirty judges and dirty lawyers go to "the Big House" a.k.a. "the Crowbar Hotel" for a spell.

There are no elected police officers or chiefs in all of Canada just like there are no elected judges or prosecutors which is why the judicial and legal mafia can commit crimes, such as murder as they did in the case of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson, from New Brunswick, and Justices Robert Edwards, James Taylor, Donald Brenner, and others in British Columbia  and get away with it thanks to a cowardly and incompetent RCMP led by the red-coated and yellow-striped Bob Paulson. 

Editors Note: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms declares that everyone has as a  fundamental freedom the "freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication". 

When Wilfred Doyle was expressing his belief that members of the judiciary and legal community in PEI were involved in criminal activity he was exercising his fundamental freedom of though belief opinion and expression and the attempt by the legal and judicial mafia to shut him up was nothing more than a self serving violation of that freedom by politically appointed persons.


  1. More dirty Judges are uncovered daily in Vancouver. Latest criminals on the bench are Justice Frankel, Justice Harvey Groberman, Justice Sunni Stromberg Stein.
    All three are former government employees protecting their government pals.

  2. PEI is corrupted to the core. A massive (in)justice system perpetuates the corruption and protects the corrupted. Whistleblowers are destroyed and destroyed by those who are suppose to uphold the laws. Stay away from all lawyers on PEI, totally corrupted. And as for the police, they are corrupt to the core. The corrupted, those with power, will openly brag that they are not accountable to comply with any laws and will do anything illegal they deem necessary to destroy anyone who attempts to expose them in any way.
    A victim of PEI's corrupted systems