Monday, September 14, 2015

Where is Wilfred Doyle? Wilfred Doyle's Lawyer Quits on Eve of Trial and Wilfred Doyle Is Arrested. Where Is Wilfred Doyle??


Yolande S. Richard Murphy
The complex tale of judicial and legal nepotism on Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province sometimes called PEI, for short, just got a little more bizarre and a little more complicated because on Friday afternoon, immediately after this blog reported the ongoing injustice being inflicted on Wilfred Doyle by the judicial and legal profession on PEI, Wilfred Doyle's lawyer, the Yolande S. Richard Murphy, (shown in photo on right) a so-called public defender informed Wilfred Doyle she would be  removing herself from the case as Wilfred's legal counsel . 

A lawyer abandoning a case at the last minute, on Friday afternoon, when the hearing is set for Monday morning is a rare event.  Usually lawyers give their a reasonable time to get a new lawyer but, sometimes, a lawyer is part of a conspiracy to sabotage the client and, in the case of Wilfred Doyle, that is a possibility because Wilfred Doyle is stepping on the toes of some 'big people" on that "little island".

As a practical matter, the lawyer must appear in court, make an application and the court must approve the withdrawal. So, on Monday morning, while Wilfred was waiting for the court and his lawyer to inform him what they were going to do when his public defender lawyer refused to work for him and when he was looking for another lawyer, the RCMP arrested Wilfred Doyle and, according to his wife Shelly, he has not been heard from since.

Did the RCMP arrest Wilfred Doyle and lock him in the cells as part of a conspiracy to deny him legal counsel because he was threatening to expose massive corruption in PEI?  

That is an open question because Wilfred Doyle has written RCMP Commissioner Paulson on a number of occasions requesting an investigation of judicial and legal corruption in PEI but the RCMP refused to investigate and appear to be complicit in the corruption by refusing to investigate.  Commissioner Paulson has his own problems arising form his inept failure to find the murderers of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and to bring to justice those involved n the Water War Crimes Conspiracy.

Click here to go to Water War Crimes Conspiracy Web Site - Canada's Greatest Scandal

The right to legal counsel is a right guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and some legal scholars argue that Yolande had no right to withdraw without court approval and that the court had no right to proceed any further without giving Wilfred Doyle the right to retain legal counsel...

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