Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Were Charges Laid By or For RCMP Commissioner Paulson Against Wilfred Doyle?

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson
RCMP Commissioner Paulson does not enjoy it when an average Canadian asks him to do his job properly.

RCMP Commissioner Paulson was appointed to his job by a group of Tory Insiders and the Legal and Judicial Mafia in Prince Edward Island is bunch of unelected Tory Insiders and so when Wilfred Doyle was persistently asking Canada's unelected Tory Appointed top policeman to do his job that Tory Appointed top policeman, Bob Paulson, decided enough was enough and, in our opinion, caused a criminal charge of harassment be brought against Wilfred Doyle.

RCMP Bob Paulson has a history of political cowardice when it comes to investigating crimes by politicians, civil servants, their agents and politically connected judges and lawyers and their agents.

In the Editors' opinion, it was RCMP cowardice that led to the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson from Fredericton, New Brunswick because RCMP refused to investigate and bring to justice those involved in the Water War Crimes and, if the RCMP had done so, as they are required to do by law, Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson would, most probably, not have been murdered by the insiders who needed to murder her to cover up their crimes.

In our opinion, the yellow stripe on RCMP Commissioner Paulson pants goes right up his back.

More recently, in British Columbia, when the RCMP Commissioner Paulson was asked to investigate incidents of attempted murder against John English and his family in British Columbia the same Commissioner Paulson refused to direct his officers to carry out the  investigation presumably because he was doing favours for the civil servants in British Columbia who were behind the criminal attacks on the English Family and their property and who were involved in the corruption and fraudulent legal strategy that led to the murder of Justice Layden-Stevenson from New Brunswick. Prime Minister Harper had the guts to fire the Deputy Minister responsible in Ottawa but Premier Christy Clark refused to fire the Deputy Minister in British Columbia, Richard Fyfe, who was equally responsible.

Click here to read about the terrorism used by the BC Government against the English family

Canadians have a lot to fear when the members of the RCMP, especially the Commissioner, are a bunch of yellow cowards and lay charges of harassment against citizens who report incidents of crime by civil servants.

The following is the Warrant issued by Justice Nancy Key against Wilfred Doyle that sets out the details of the charges brought on behalf of Commissioner Paulson against Wilfred Doyle
If you can't read the WARRANT FOR ARREST scroll down to the bottom of the blog where it is reproduced in a larger format. :

According to Wilfred Doyle,
"These criminal charges are nothing more than a gag order and to make a public embarrassment for Prime Minister Harper. Because the Prime Ministers office was put on notice before the fraud was committed at DFO. And we can only assume that Nigel Wright and Dean Del Mastro did not advise the Prime Minister of the situation for political reasons. But anyway we got this shut down until January 2016. And Nancy Key only adjourned this case so she would have time to avoid being caught in a conflict of interest. I figured the headlines on the news would read "PEI Man charged with threatening the Prime Minister" and you know  people would be asking what its about, and of course the judicial mafia on PEI would be roaring the fraud at DFO."

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